The Ethical Silk Company Debuts Autumn Line of Breathable Silk Products

This autumn, eco-friendly fashion line The Ethical Silk Company is revealing a myriad of new products to add to their popular collection.  The new range of mulberry silk accessories include the Oxford pillowcase, trendy women’s tops and a variety of coloured scarves and wraps, perfect for those cooler autumnal evenings. 

The launch of the new coloured scarves, wraps, tops and a second style of pillowcase referred to as the Oxford, are all ethically crafted from mulberry silk in India and are 100% environmentally friendly. The range abounds in an assortment of autumnal colours such as blue, gold and natural undyed ivory and prices start from as little as €40.

The luxurious feel of silk is unmatched by any other fabric, and it is one of the strongest of natural fibres.  The gorgeous touch of silk on the skin is now available to have around the home and be worn at any time, in a selection of trendy colours from the Ethical Silk Company's autumn range.  The new vest tops are simple and elegant, and extremely versatile so can be worn in a number of ways. The Oxford Pillowcase is a lavish sleeping accessory but also a practical investment; silk is hypoallergenic, rejects dust mites, reduces hair breakage and thinning and contains amino acid to evoke calmness and restful sleep.

The Ethical Silk Company is renowned for its strong moral compass, and ensures that every step of the silk making process is ethical and kind to the environment.  Unlike other silk manufacturers, who produce silk by boiling silkworms alive, The Ethical Silk Company actively ensures no animals are harmed or killed during production.  Being animal friendly also has extra benefits, with silk from The Ethical Silk Company being softer than regular silk and displaying a pearl-like finish.

The company is also committed to giving back to the community, and 10% of profits is split between two charities. 5% is donated to Focus Ireland, a group which focuses on the issue of homelessness in Ireland, and the other 5% is given to Jeevan Jyothi AIDS Centre based in Theni, India.  The Ethical Silk Company is also working with a new Fairtrade tailor unit in the Himalayas, run by Eternal Creation, an Australian Fairtrade clothing company. At the Himalayan Tailoring Centre, Tibetan refugees and vulnerable members of Indian society are enabled to maintain a livelihood in unison with developing valuable skills.

The benefits of silk are widely accepted; it regulates body heat, enabling the body to preserve a natural, comfortable temperature at all times. Silk scarves and wraps are ideal for wrapping up warm against the autumn chill.  The hypoallergenic properties of silk also ensure a thorough night’s rest for those who suffer with allergies and the soft, smooth texture is ideal for people who suffer from skin conditions such as eczema.

Eva Power, Founder of The Ethical Silk Company said, “Our new range of silk products feature extremely breathable fabric, which operates as a natural temperature regulator ensuring that the body is able to retain heat in cooler weather. The coloured and natural wraps have versatile uses, and work well as cover ups, throws or cot sheets for babies who need to keep warm this autumn and are lightweight and useful to have to hand around the home.”

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About The Ethical Silk Co: Based in Ireland, The Ethical Silk Co retail gorgeous 100% mulberry silk products. The company is committed to making 100% eco-friendly and ethical choices, ensuring no silk worms are harmed or killed in the manufacturing process. The company donates 10% of its profits to charity, and works with a Fairtrade tailoring unit in the Himalayas to ensure fair pay and working conditions.

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