The Events Structure Expands Mobile Space Range To New Heights

The UK’s leading single source provider of temporary events space solutions has just introduced an exciting new mobile showroom to its already impressive range. High impact and guaranteed to get heads turning, the SkyBox lends itself to a myriad of applications, from product exposure to the entertainment of VIP guests.

With the UK economy on the road to recovery businesses now enjoy more disposable cash to channel into marketing and promotion drives. This has gone hand in hand with an increased demand for unique ideas and new ways to make an impact on audiences that seem to have seen it all. The Events Structure has paid close attention to the chatter and launched the SkyBox as an exciting new mobile space solution. The concept has already received a wildly positive reception from the company’s European network and is set to be the next big thing in the British events industry.   

Justin Isles, Managing Director said, “Over the past few months we’ve been busy expanding the range, listening to what clients want and coming up with ways to deliver. The key message we kept hearing was ‘originality’ so we knew that whatever we launched had to be nothing short of novel. Shareability was another big request, with clients continually requesting environments that were suitable for social activity. The SkyBox is the result of this and a very exciting addition to the mobile events space.”

Made up of a rigid body truck fitted with a hydraulic transparent rear cubicle, the SkyBox can be raised to a height of eight metres. Clients can choose to deploy the box at full height or at truck level depending on individual preferences. Measuring in at 6 x 2.4 metres, the box is an extremely versatile space that can be used for experiential, hospitality, TV Studio requirements and more. With a capacity of up to 12 adults and the footprint to comfortably house a medium sized vehicle, the sky is the limit when it comes to dreaming up unique publicity ploys. The transparent feature walls create a constant fishbowl effect that captivates viewers and holds their attention where other solutions fail.

Fast and cost effective, the cutting edge design means the SkyBox can be deployed within just 15 minutes. For clients wanting to really think outside the box, the SkyBox is equally as effective when used as a demonstration feature in transit. 

In line with the company’s commitment to quality, the SkyBox is finished to premium standards. The exterior is sleek and streamlined while the high specification interior finish creates a polished and professional look.

As well as launching the all new SkyBox, The Events Structure has also spent the last three months reviewing and improving its inflatable offering. Now, clients enjoy even more choice on the UK’s biggest range of mobile event space solutions.

The SkyBox is available immediately for short term hire across the UK.

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The Events Structure is the UK’s leading single source provider of temporary events space solutions. The company offers a complete range of products to suit a diverse range of client needs, including roadshow trucks, shipping container conversions, self-drive promotional vehicle and inflatable structure displays. Over the past few months it has expanded its range to offer clients an even larger selection of unique event structures and mobile display solutions, including the brand new SkyBox.