The future of skincare: Cosmetica relaunches in London

Dr Mica Engel is pleased to announce the launch of her new and improved advanced cosmetics clinic, Cosmetica London, in Balham, alongside her brand new luxury skincare line.

AMICA Skincare is designed to work alongside the non-invasive treatments carried out at Cosmetica. The cruelty-free brand has a very eco-friendly stance, refusing to use animal by-products or those that have been tested on animals.

A recent Nielsen study of over 1,000 respondents showed that consumers care more than ever about how their products are created. A total of 57% of those interviewed said that “Not tested on animals” was the most important claim on a product’s packaging. This, along with AMICA’s sensational skincare results is sure to see sales rocket and put AMICA at the forefront of clinical skincare.

Created by Dr Mica Engel, AMICA uses skin-loving acids and cosmeceuticals alongside botanicals, vitamins and minerals to create a fusion of incredible active ingredients that will help smooth and brighten ageing skin, or calm and hydrate problematic skin. All the products have been tested on willing clients in Cosmetica London, so both Mica and her loyal clientele can vouch for the effectiveness of them.

Indeed, the clinic has been doing so well that it has been able to move to larger premises along Hildreth Street just a short walk away from its previous location. With an experienced staff by her side, state-of-the-art-technologies and the most advanced non-surgical cosmetic treatments, the salon has attracted customers from all over London. Treatments include Botox, dermal fillers and body sculpting services, as well as facials using the amazing AMICA brand.

Mica has over 8 years’ experience in medical skincare, and has worked for some of the most prestigious cosmetic practises in London, including stints at Harrods and on Harley Street. Her deep knowledge of medicine, aesthetics and skincare ensures her products are some of the best on the market today.

AMICA Skincare products are available to purchase at Cosmetica London, and can be used to enhance a treatment at the clinic, or for every day application at home. Whatever your skincare complaint, Mica has the answer, whether it be in her fabulous clinic, or through the use of her luxurious products.

For more information and hi-res images contact: (for general inquires) or (for AMICA Skincare)



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