The Goodness Project Launches Healthy Snack and Fruit Delivery Service to Boost Mood and Productivity In UK’s Offices

The Goodness Project has launched a brand new office snack and fruit delivery service, bringing healthy treats to the desks of workers all over the country, and improving mood and productivity in the process.

Forget the morning snack dash or the 3pm queue at the vending machines for a chocolatey pick-me-up – The Goodness Project will now deliver carefully curated boxes of balanced, healthy snacks and fruit directly to workplaces across the country, for an ultra-convenient office snack solution with a multitude of benefits for staff.

From assorted nut mixes to protein bars and healthy alternatives to crisps, The Goodness Project gives office managers the opportunity to choose a healthier option, which saves time and offers endless flexibility. There are no contracts or set plans – offices can simply choose the snacks and fruit they need and arrange to have them delivered directly, reducing the need for employees to wander off-site in search of something nutritious.

Anna Szanto, Co-Founder and Managing Director of The Goodness Project, says, “After striking up a number of office supply deals with leading brands in the capital, including Lush and Barclays, we found that the demand was certainly there to introduce this service to our roster permanently. We’re thrilled to launch our brand new office snack and fruit delivery service, providing a great new snacking option that doesn’t compromise on nutrition or convenience.”

Anna adds, “Our product selection is constantly revolving, so employees will have something new to sample in every package, and our healthier snacks will mean that staff stay fuelled and focused for longer, rather than suffering from that post-sugar crash which can impact productivity. Offices can obtain a custom quote or find out more about our products on our website today!”

The Goodness Project’s office packages cater for all dietary requirements, with a range of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free products that are as nutritious as they are tasty. As employees seek healthier, more sustainable alternatives to traditional ‘meal deals’, The Goodness Project is constantly scouring the market for the latest natural, energy-boosting snacks can enhance mood and productivity.

The packages can be delivered to a regular schedule, or ordered for special one-off events as a treat to all staff. Companies signing up will benefit from free delivery and a free box of English tea on the first order.

The entire office deliver service is convenient and friendly, underpinned by The Goodness Project’s keen commitment towards supporting the health and wellbeing of businesses and their staff.

For more information about The Goodness Project or to get a quote for your workplace, visit the website:


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About The Goodness Project

The Goodness Project is a healthy lifestyle platform open to everyone who wishes to discover, gift and experience the latest free from health products on the market, focusing especially on alternative dietary lifestyles such as vegan and gluten-free. By offering monthly subscription boxes, gift hampers and healthy snacks and fruits for offices, the company aims to make healthy living more convenient and exciting.



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