The March of the ‘Fit Droids’ – Pioneering Clothing Brand Introduces Tailored Lines for the Ultra-Fit

Introducing Fit Droids – the exciting new clothing brand committed to developing products for the ultra-fit, almost superhuman beings walking among us. With a specialist denim clothing line in the works, and a range of protein shakers and pillboxes also in development, Fit Droids caters to those who take fitness seriously and work hard to achieve their incredible physiques.

Fit Droids will soon be home to tailored denim clothing that has been specially designed for those with athletic physiques. These people often have wider shoulders and broader legs, which means that sourcing jeans and denim jackets can be a problem. Fitness enthusiasts might spend most of their time in training gear, but like anyone else, they need regular clothing that fits and flatters their form.

Collaborating with carefully selected companies and manufacturers all over the world, Fit Droids is working on a new option for those who find that High Street skinny jeans and jackets simply aren’t available in appropriate sizes. The clothing will be tailored to those with more muscular physiques, to ensure that they look just as fantastic in their everyday clothing as they do when they’re in their training gear.

The brand will also launch a crowdfunding campaign later in 2016 in order to fund some of their most exciting projects, which include a protein shaker like nothing else on the market. The unique shaker has an innovative, ergonomic design, making it easy to slip into briefcases or backpacks. Available in plastic and metal options, the shaker is just one of the dynamic new accessories from Fit Droids, aiming to make life that little bit easier for those who take care of their bodies.

Yulia Sultanova, the founder of Fit Droids, says, “We’re very excited to be researching and developing this new clothing line specifically for those who take the time to hone muscular physiques. There simply aren’t enough regular clothes out there for these ultra-fit individuals, but here at Fit Droids, we want to change all of that.”

Yulia adds, “As well as developing a capsule collection of denim pieces, we’ll also be working on accessories including protein shakers and pillboxes for our super-fit customers. We’ll be launching a crowdfunding campaign to get those up and running, and we urge all Fit Droids fans to keep an eye on our social channels for updates! As functional as they are attractive, these must-have items will be invaluable for those dedicated to upholding their fit lifestyle, and will also give them some real style credentials while they’re out and about.”

The rise of fitness as a lifestyle choice has been rapid, with #fitspiration one of the most-searched hashtags on Instagram, and an entire movement based on the idea that ‘strong is the new sexy’. Fitness gadgets and personal trainers are in high demand, and an increasing number of people are switching to ‘clean’ diets in a bid to fuel their bodies properly.

This increased awareness of the fit lifestyle has seen a whole new fitness and lifestyle community emerge – and Fit Droids hopes to be at the forefront, providing viable fashion choices and stylish options for the muscular, athletic and incredibly fit members of this thriving community.

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