E-book interactivity has been promised but never really delivered - until now. 

If you’re a fan of Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean or The Da Vinci Code you will love this fast paced, action filled, adventure story.  

The Pirate's Code truly puts you, the reader, into the heart of the action. It immerses you into the world of pirates and treasure hunting like never before, where you get to play along, as the characters try to solve multiple puzzles and overcome huge challenges. Pit your wits against Captain Kidd's ingenious mind and test your strength of character against the ultimate challenge and solve The Pirate's Code.

This fully interactive eBook is aimed at ages 12+ and is a thrilling pastime for young adults, teenagers and the more mature player.  Hours of entertainment are provided by the app, which is available on all Android & iOS tablets and iPads.  Users can test their wits, reaction times and common sense in the variety of puzzles, games and quests – will you be the first to solve The Pirate’s Code?

A spokesperson for the book-come-game said, “The Pirate’s Code perfectly combines games and storytelling to create an engaging, interactive and fun app promising to entertain time and time again.  The variety of tasks and games are simple enough to enjoy but complex enough to keep people hooked, and vary from word puzzles to sniping the baddies in the story!”

To get to the next stage of the story players will have to complete a myriad of challenges, which will rack their brains and test a range of skills.  The Pirate’s Code is an action packed tale, which tells the story of Captain Kidd’s mythical treasure and the characters on the hunt attempting to locate it.  The treasure seekers are actively and mercilessly pursued by the wicked Diablo, who players will have to defeat throughout the story.

The app features plenty of characters to keep the story interesting and a whole host of classic games and puzzles at all stages of the adventurous tale.  The story is incrementally broken up with stunning interactive illustrations, during which users periodically come across challenges and games, which need completing before the tale continues. From picking locks and cracking safes to fixing broken tiles, each puzzle creates an interactive atmosphere and adds to the excitement of the eBook.

John Dunnion, author of the eBook said, “The Pirate’s Code is such a fun eBook, with a great storyline and addictive puzzles.  Enjoy the thrill of an epic adventure while testing your marbles with a wonderful and exciting series of games, challenges and intriguing brainteasers.  Follow the ambitious journey of Captain Bill, Elizabeth and Mauro -will you be the first to crack The Pirates Code and claim Captain Kidd’s treasure?” 

The Pirates Code is available to download from the App & Google Play Store from 11thJanuary 2015 and is free to download. There is one in-app purchase (to download the rest of the book) but all users get to enjoy a third of the book for free.  For more information please visit:

Moreover, there's £1,000 up for grabs for the first user who cracks the code, wins the competition and unveils the secret location of Captains Kidd's Treasure!

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