The UK’s first website that lists only paid roles for actors, presenters, performers and TV/Film production crew has launched

The UK’s first website that lists only paid roles for actors, presenters, performers and TV/Film production crew has launched. Media Volt aims to create networking and job opportunities, allowing newcomers or well-established professionals in the media industry, to further their career prospects. Media Volt is an online social community for performers, actors, dancers, models and TV/film production crew members, presenting them with the opportunity to find work, build up industry contacts, communicate with other like-minded people and create personalised profiles. Designed by industry experts, the Media Volt team strongly believes that the site acts as an essential tool for creative individuals to promote their skills and experience through the vital process of networking, which will allow them to enrich their professional lives within this tough industry.

Media Volt allows members to build relationships and spark new ideas, post and view upcoming events within specific localities, and keep up to date with the latest industry news by contributing to discussions and reading interviews with well-established professionals in the industry. Members can also view employment opportunities, through searching for castings, acting auditions, and TV/film productions roles. And what’s best, Media Volt only lists jobs and auditions that are paid.

Earl Mensah, founder of Media Volt said, “As a past performer myself, I was tired about the amount of unpaid work I was asked to do. I and many others always believed that all work should be paid work. This was the start of Media Volt.”

The media industry is often tough, and requires a strong sense of passion and dedication to become successful in a specialist area. However Media Volt has been promoted by many recognized organisations, as a valuable resource for those aiming to further their future career opportunities through media, arts and performance roles.

Research shows that networking as well as job hunting, creates a major foundation to developing a career in media. It is often said that the media industry is more about who you know, rather than what you know. Media Volt creates a locus for opportunity within the industry and allows the media minded to form an integrated community, by becoming the only site needed to embark on the essential process of networking.

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Earl Mensah