The Web Surgery Launches eLearning Courses To Help Businesses Enhance Digital Presence

An award-winning integrated marketing agency has launched a series of eLearning courses to help SMEs harness the power of social media and SEO. Run by The Web Surgery, each course has been carefully structured to help businesses attract more website traffic, build brand loyalty and increase revenue from new and existing customers.

Grant Brookes, CEO, said, “Everything we do is underpinned by the philosophy that organised marketing efforts and strategic campaigns are the secrets to driving sales and winning new business. Social media and SEO are incredibly influencial ways to do so and without effective tactics in place, businesses are seriously selling themselves short. Our eLearning courses are designed to help managers uncover the secrets of social media and SEO, and use them to magnify operations.”

With the reign of the Digital Age has come a significant shift in the dynamics of modern business. Today, an online presence is an integral part of engaging with customers, boosting brand profile and increasing bottom lines. Social media and SEO are two immensely powerful weapons which every business should arm themselves with. The statistics speak for themselves, with Hubspot reporting that in 2014, 92% of marketers maintained that social media was an important part of their strategy, and a further 80% stating that efforts increased site traffic. SEO is just as critical, with Business2Community reporting that 70% of links clicked on by search users are organic, not paid. The potential is enormous and through its series of eLearning courses, The Web Surgery is on a mission to help businesses make social media and SEO strategies work their absolute hardest.

The agency is currently running five eLearning courses covering need-to-know information about how to create galvanising social media and SEO strategies.

  • Facebook for Business

With almost 1.5 billion registered accounts, Facebook is the biggest social network on the planet. This makes it a colossal opportunity for businesses to connect with their target audience using a medium that’s friendly and familiar. From initial set-up and administration to using pages to generate website traffic, this course will turn rookies into whizzes in no time.  

  • LinkedIn for Business

Used by 347 billion professionals across the globe, LinkedIn is a valuable tool to identify the key decision makers within certain companies. This course uncovers how businesses can use it to enhance operations.

  • Twitter for Business

From celebrities to CEOs, everyone seems to be on the Twitter bandwagon. Businesses signing up for this course will learn how to use the platform to engage existing customers, attract new ones and get social.

  • Social Media for Business

Designed to help businesses get the best out of social media, this course looks at refining strategies and development, as well as the practicality of employing people and agencies to support social media activity.

  • Search Engine Optimisation for Business

Focussing on the anchor point of digital marketing strategies, this course explores SEO and how it can be used to drive traffic to a website and get search engine rankings soaring.

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