The World’s First Bio-Powered Bulb is Revealed

There are numerous different types of light bulb which are ubiquitous in homes and businesses across the nation today, including incandescent bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, LED light bulbs, and more. But could you see yourself installing a biological bulb in your house or company premises? Three students from Wisconsin have recently revealed their ‘biobulb’; a bulb which harbours living, light-emitting bacteria and uses it to create illumination. Dramatically different from any bulbs on the market today, the students are currently trying to secure crowdfunding in order to their project further.

Steven Ellwood, Managing Director of BLT Direct, one of the UK’s most prominent suppliers of light bulbs for homes and businesses, says, “Lighting solutions are right at the forefront of scientific advances for many, and this is proved once more with the creation of 

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