Third Instalment of #MicroBizMattersDay Set to Follow Wild Success of Second Event

The buzz surrounding the latest MicroBizMattersDay is still humming loud and clear, but that hasn’t stopped the in-house team of ‘rock stars’ from kicking off planning for the next instalment. Scheduled for January 13 2017, the third annual #MicroBizMattersDay is set to be bigger, better and more business oriented than ever. Organisers have already received some amazing offers including for the London venue and streaming live to cities across the globe, including hubs in the USA, India, Dubai, Hull and more.

“There’s no doubt that we’re building THE global Live Aid for self-employed people and business owners” commented co-founder Tina Boden in the wake of the 2016 edition.

Featuring an electrifying broadcast schedule, #MicroBizMattersDay exists to “make life better for micro enterprise owners everywhere.” It celebrates and shares the achievements of some of the UK’s most inspirational business go-getters, with 2016 contributors including Liverpool based jewellery entrepreneur Julia Emologu, millionaire plumber Charlie Mullins, MOBO award-winning rapper and indie label owner Sway, Boris Johnson’s Ambassador for Training and Enterprise Tim Campbell and Kentish nail salon owner Michelle Dorrell, who famously silenced Minister Amber Rudd on BBC Question Time with her impassioned plea about cuts to working tax credits. Others include the 'go digital' entrepreneur Penny Power, Enterprise Nation founder Emma Jones, 24 years old, now a large company entrepreneur and paramedics to ambulances supplier, Chris Percival. The event has also attracted support from some of the biggest names in modern business, including ScanSnap -Fujitsu, Sage and Microsoft

Not even the organisers themselves predicted the global impact the latest January 8 event would have. More of a boom than a buzz, #MicroBizMattersDay trended for five consecutive hours on Twitter, with users from all corners of the world tuning in to the fully loaded eight-hour live streaming session.

Business is booming for the smallest enterprises in Britain, with an estimated 5.2 million micro business owners currently contributing to the UK economy. In an inspirational show of solidarity, #MicroBizMattersDay estimates that around one million backed the #IGave8 minutes call for action on January 8. From customer conversions and improving cash flow to boosting confidence and tapping into market trends, the nationwide involvement was a serious display of micro biz camaraderie.

“We call it ‘The Power of Plenty,’” said Boden. “This Power of Plenty makes business life better for us all. Just us all buying from each other helps greatly.”

Tony Robinson OBE, co-founder of #MicroBizMattersDay added “I agree and it works because it’s authentic. We’re all business owners helping other to survive and thrive. As Tim Campbell said “It’s not just the gazelles of the business world that are important” – it is all business owners who drive the economy, provide most of the new jobs, nearly all the innovation and support their local community. All the help on the day works because it’s from real business owners. As Charlie Mullins says ‘It may sound just like business common sense but that ain’t that common.”

In 2017, #MicroBizMattersDay will once again kick off the New Year with a call to millions to #IGave13 minutes on January 13th. The galvanising broadcast sessions will shine the spotlight on recognition, action and learning. The day will continue to be the flagship event in the calendar for the independent, informal, free, no sign up, community interest company, Enterprise Rockers. The movement was launched in January 2012 and through a network of networks makes life better for micro - 0-9 employees - business owners everywhere.

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