This PAL Card Could Save Thousands of Lives – Have You Got Yours?

A brand new product which could help to save the lives of any of the millions of people who find themselves in emergency situations every year has launched. Did you know that around 22 million people were admitted to A&E last year in emergency circumstances, and furthermore - up to 20% of casualties are unable to communicate as a result of their illness or injury? Emergency PAL is a medical smart card with an embedded NFC chip and a QR code, which can immediately transmit all emergency medical details of a patient to first medical responders and paramedics on the scene, making treatment much easier, faster and potentially saving a life.

Ian Cunningham, the Founder of Emergency PAL says, “In the months of April, May and June this year, more than 5.5 million people were admitted to A&E departments all over the country because they found themselves in emergency circumstances. No one plans and accident or an emergency – they just happen and in many of these cases, the patient cannot respond when asked about their symptoms, medical history or current medication. Medical first responders face an uphill battle to treat them and get them to hospital effectively. We hope that our Emergency PAL card will be able to make the job of medical first responders much easier by offering the members essential medical history such as allergies, previous medical treatment and current medication data by being able to interact with their card with any mobile phone.

Users simply order their Emergency PAL card online, registering their details to ensure the card is produced and programmed correctly. The smarter card relays information in numerous ways to ensure that the information is passed along, as quickly and efficiently as possible. The Emergency PAL smarter card is equipped with a dynamic QR code, an embedded NFC chip as well as an interactive text service, all of which are compatible with all kinds of mobile phones. The last thing any paramedic needs is to arrive on the scene only to discover the phones are incompatible; by utilising a variety of different ways to relay information, this is avoided entirely and information will reliably be transmitted.

The card is the perfect size to be kept in a purse or wallet; the first place a paramedic would usually look to find personal information on a patient who was unable to speak for themselves. The service works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and isn’t just for those with underlying medical problems who feel they might be more likely to be rushed into A&E. The card can be beneficial for absolutely anyone; they can be used in the case of an accidents or emergency when out and about, helping all of the emergency services to identify a patient and get them the appropriate care on the scene.

Delivery of the Emergency PAL card is estimated at five working days, and secure payment through PayPal is available. For more information, please visit


Issued by Dakota Digital. For more information please contact Rebecca Appleton. Email: or Tel: 01623 428996.  Or

Ian Cunningham, the Founder of Emergency PAL on +44 843 289 1488

About Emergency PAL: A simple idea that could save many lives; the Emergency PAL card combines modern communication technology and contains an interactive NFC chip and a dynamic QR code alongside an automated text service which can transmit medical histories and important personal data directly to emergency services in the case of any emergency where the patient cannot speak for themselves.