ThumbsUp Launches Anticipated Second Collection of Designer Nail Wraps

To help fashionistas feel fabulous this autumn, ThumbsUp is launching a second revered collection of 10 exciting nail wrap designs ideal for any occasion or event. For fashion savvy beauty lovers and women hankering for a manicure fit to model, no look is complete without bold, funky and unique nails and ThumbsUp is ahead of the curve with this highly anticipated ultra-hip range.

Beauty experts everywhere have endorsed the decadent new collection, including Cosmopolitan which has awarded the nifty nails with a highly heralded ‘Health and Beauty Lust Have’ distinction. Instagram users have pounced on the collection of two solid colours which was hotly voted by fans as their favourite colours to be transferred into nail wraps. 

The versatile new range comes in an assortment of eye catching designs and refreshing, energizing colours merging catwalk cool chic with savvy street-style. The second collection utilises pioneering templates which are pre-cut rendering size selection an easier process so that customers can find a flawless fit. ThumbsUp nail wraps are made specially to ensure no unsightly bulges and each nail is applied with a top coat.

Stunning new options include the beautifully feminine Rosa and strikingly exotic Henna designs which make use of the pioneering new Overlay Effect. These two designs are intricately crafted using transparent bases enabling customers to apply the wraps atop any nail polish colour to create a layered, original look. Watercolour inspired Rorscharch design helps enthuse nails with an edgy, surreal and provocative style. The tantalizing Tribe design is ideal for those who prefer an exotic, ethnic feel and the eye-popping, electrifying Awe range take its inspiration from raw minerals. Roco, which takes its lead from marbled textures is a fiery, feisty passionate look for women who like their nails to make a brilliant and bold statement with a rock and roll flare. Aloha is ideal for a happy, Hawaiian vibe for holiday makers seeking to lap up the last days of summer.

Meanwhile, The Pure Collection introduces the H20 range for those who prefer a pristine aquamarine finish to flaunt, and the refreshing Mentha range with its tropical hue. The Pure Collection is perfect for those who like minimalistic colour that still make a strong statement is suitable for working women who require a more subtle look during office hours.

As Halloween ebbs closer, party-goers can let their nails do the talking with the Halloween Special Midnight Party which glows in the dark for the ultimate in attention grabbing appeal.

Grace Wang, Creator of ThumbsUp says, “Nail wraps are a great way to create a versatile, unique look whenever you want to compliment a new outfit at a party, celebrate a special occasion or stand out on holiday. They are also a great way to self-pamper and to just feel confident, clean and beautiful. You start to feel naked without them!”

There is no longer a need to wait for nails to dry before a party because nail wraps are immediately ready to go upon application. The collections are also popular with pregnant women who want to add a little pizzazz to their pregnancy whilst resting assured that the wraps are completely safe and pregnancy friendly.

The striking new collection sits aside popular favourites such as Amazonian Glow in the Dark Aztec, Vintage Rose for those who see the world through rose tinted glasses and luxurious Leopard Love.

Ms Wang adds, “Typically, nails are known to be hard work. We apply nail polish and it takes forever to dry or rubs off easily or we spend a fortune on getting our nails done professionally with harmful, toxic chemicals. Nail wraps are an affordable, easy to apply alternative that are beautiful and suitable for all women who want to feel special, pampered and make a statement about who they are.”

The new collection is available from £6.99 with 20 nail wraps per pack. The Pure Collection is available for £7.99 with 40 nail wraps per pack. Nail wraps can be shipped worldwide and any purchase over £20 is shipped for free within the UK.

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About Thumbs Up: ThumbsUp focus on beautiful, dazzling nail wraps that can easily be applied, cutting out the consequences of breathing in harmful toxins and chemicals at a salon or waiting for extended periods whilst they dry. Its stunning collections place emphasis on dynamic, distinctive designs for fashion-conscious women who like to make a statement and wear art on their nails.