Top Gifts and Giveaways at Trade Shows

Those exhibiting at B2B exhibitions and trade shows regularly often have a fight on their hands to get noticed by the relevant people. Their competitors will often have rival spaces nearby, and they must ensure that every element of their display, from promotional materials to exhibition stands, is geared towards attracting attention and being remembered. One of the most popular ways to ensure that a potential client remembers a brand name over a rival is to offer them a small gift or a giveaway.

Tim Fuller, Managing Director of Discount Displays, says, “As well as making sure their exhibition displays and banner stands are of the highest quality to attract visitors, many businesses opt to use free gifts to ensure their brand name sticks in the minds of the people they are trying to attract. These can be anything from stationery to garments, gadgets or food. They work best when aligned with the company’s ethos or own products, and they should be of some use to the potential clients, or they will just be discarded.”

The most popular trade show giveaway items are pens. They are ubiquitous at marketing events and trade shows, and their popularity shows no sign of waning. Branded pens are a great way to ensure that a visitor hangs on to their gift; they are useful and functional, they don’t take up too much space and people are always scrabbling for them when they need to record something important. They are a common everyday item that can be stored in pockets, bags, desk drawers or pen pots, and they always come in handy. Desk accessories also come in the top ten most popular giveaways at trade shows, and branded calendars earn a place in the top five, proving the worth of stationery as a whole.

T-shirts, bags and caps also come in the top five giveaway items at trade shows. Garments such as t-shirts are usually hit-and-miss depending on the brand they are promoting; not everyone wants to wear a t-shirt promoting a bakery or a new computer gadget, but a sports brand might be perceived as more stylish. The same goes with caps; if they are overtly promotional for a brand, they might not be worn out in public, and they are more likely to be thrown away. Bags are very useful and popular because they have a function. Whether large or small, bags are less likely to be thrown away, even if they have strong brand logos on them.

 Other innovative items that can be used as giveaways include hand sanitizer, which can be carried around and often used, mugs, which are always useful at home or in a workplace, and food, which is guaranteed to be hung onto when visitors are walking around a day-long trade show.

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