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In their recently published ‘2013 Essential Facts about the Computer and Video Game Industry’, the ESA conducted some research into how many parents play computer games alongside their children. The results were interesting, with almost half stating that they enjoyed playing video games just as much as their child. The most popular reason was because online games are fun for the entire family, with 85% citing this as the reason they play, while 78% say that they find playing such games offers them the chance to socialize and connect with their child.

Nikolai Veselov, of, a popular online games website with a multitude of kid’s games, says, “Our children’s games section has always been very popular, and we are pleased to see that a very large percentage of those who play games with their children purely do it for love of games or to bond with their offspring. The free download games we have on offer are a mixture of educational and fun for all ages, and provide a great opportunity for parents to spend quality time with their children that involves interaction, education and enjoyment.”

Family Puzzle is a great example of a game which parents and children can enjoy together. The basic puzzle game is based on a simple premise that is easy for children of a young age to understand, and they can join their parents in putting together puzzles of famous landscapes and sights such as the Taj Mahal. 220 levels and simple creation of custom levels allow hours of fun in this free download game that will offer as much enjoyment for the adults as the children.

Penguin Versus Yeti is a quirky and fun game that can pit adult and child against one another in a bid to become the fastest down the virtual slopes on a snowboard. Challenge giant yetis with your penguin racer, cross the finish line in record timing and then challenge a co-player to beat the time in their own individual race. There are a multitude of levels to choose from, and the fast-paced action game offers a great reprieve from an afternoon of educational games.

Michel Saves The World 2 is a great online children’s game with addictive gameplay that can be enjoyed by adults alike. The game revolves around the evil pirates attacking Michel’s boat; players must click and shoot to fire cannons at the pirate ships, sinking them and saving the world in the process. Younger children can benefit from the hand-eye coordination skills that this game improves, whilst parents will not be able to tear themselves away from sinking just one more ship using Michel’s legendary cannon.

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