Top Relaxation Methods

In our fast paced world taking time to relax is incredibly important. Demanding jobs, busy social schedules and family commitments all take their toll on mind and body.  An excess of stress can lead to trouble sleeping, irritability, tension headaches and a range of physical ailments so making time to switch of is just as important as eating well and getting plenty of exercise.

Whether you have five minutes or one hour to spare there are plenty of relaxation methods you can use to rejuvenate and refresh a tired spirit. Many tricks for unwinding can be done at home, for little to no cost. Unsurprisingly, several of them take place in the bathroom where the day’s troubles can be blasted away under a jet of hot water. If you’re feeling the strain at the end of a long day, try one of these quick and easy relaxation methods;

Take a Shower

If you do not have much time to spare, but need to relax ASAP then taking a shower is probably your best bet, especially if you have a powerful shower head, such as those available from bella-bathrooms. Standing under a power shower is great for easing muscle tension and knots but to really soothe your soul, opt for soaps, shampoos and gels with a lavender, chamomile, sandalwood and/or jasmine scent as these ingredients are known for their powers or relaxation.

Get a Massage

One of the best and most indulgent ways to relax is to get a massage, because it relieves tension and gives you the opportunity to be in your own carefree world for an hour or so. Do not despair if you are unable to get to a spa, because with the right bathroom suite a massage is still possible. Whether you have a whirlpool bath or an at home massage kit, you can easily escape into your bathroom to recuperate and de-stress. You can find DIY massage balls and tools easily on the high street – pop one into the bathroom unit so that it is easily to hand when your muscles need a break.

Sink Into a Bath

Slipping into a bath tub with a glass of wine surrounded by aromatically scented candles or incense is a tried and tested relaxation technique that isn’t just for girls. Be sure to use relaxing scents in and around your bath and bath water in order to get the most out of your bathroom rejuvenation. Relaxing scents include not only lavender, chamomile, sandalwood and jasmine scents, but also mandarin, vanilla, bergamot, rose and lilac, which gives you plenty of options when picking your favourite bathroom products. If you’re not a bubbles person, try a fragranced bath oil or scented soap.

Pamper Yourself

If you are feeling the wear and tear wreaked havoc by a long, hard week then taking an afternoon off to pamper yourself is a must. If you can, go out to spa or beauty salon to get away from your everyday routine. If that’s not practical, take the time to pamper yourself at home. Stick a sign outside your bathroom door declaring that you are taking the morning or afternoon off and that no one is to enter the bathroom until you have been fully re-energised. Inside you can do whatever you want: take a long bath, give yourself a facial, treat your hands and feet to a mani-pedi, listen to favourite songs on the iPod in the bath or even put on some make-up so that you feel beautiful inside and out.

Organise and Clean

It may sound like a misnomer but if you are the kind of person who finds it impossible to work or relax when your home or office is messy, then the best way for you to unwind is to clean up and get organised. Taking your stress out on the dirt and grime around you is a surprisingly effective relaxation method, but we find investing in some home organisers and storage units can really help to de-clutter your home and make you feel a bit more at peace with your surroundings. Once done take a bath or get a massage, because you are sure to deserve it!

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