Top Search Engine Reveals 3 Billion Searches for ‘Free-to-Play’ Games

Molly Passinisi of Google has revealed that in 2012, there were 3 billion Google searches for free-to-play online games. In what she described as the ‘world’s largest focus group’, the figures revealed that overall interest is growing most across Asia and North America, and that this huge market is growing rapidly as people grow tired of pay walls and in-app purchases.

Nikolai Veselov of, one of the world’s leading online games websites with a variety of free-to-play games, says, “The news that free-to-play games are growing in popularity is of no surprise to us. Many gamers are beginning to discover that there are a number of high-quality games which require no initial cost and don’t plague players with a deluge of requests to purchase add-ons to enhance game play.”

Distribution of online games has undergone an evolution in the years leading up to this surge of free games. Many online games were initially paid games, before a shift to try-before-you-buy invited players to enjoy free trials of many games. This frustrated many players, who found that the trial period was too short, and the games were too costly. Subscription games or game services also found popularity, before free-to-play games came along. First they were supported by a range of in-game purchases, but now with ad-supported platforms and websites, free-to-play games, for the first time, can be exactly that: free. boasts a multitude of online games that can be played at absolute no cost to the player. The online games open within the browser, and can be played in full, with no features held back and nothing hidden behind a paywall. From Pretty Barbie Dress-Up, in which players demonstrate their fashion savvy and dress up a model for fashion show, to Extreme Rally, where players compete to become the ultimate racing champion, there is something for all gaming preferences. 

Michel Saves The World 2 is one of the most popular free online games available. Players must defeat the evil pirates which are attacking their boat in order to save not only themselves, but also the world. The game is played in-browser using just the mouse to shoot cannons; the simple gameplay is one of its most attractive traits, and is a feature that makes the game more accessible to players of all ages.

Arcade Bowling is a much-loved free-to-play online game in the style of many bowling games which have gone before it. Players attempt to master the age-old skill of getting a strike in this easy and enjoyable game. Players can wile away the hours attempting to perfect their swing, or they can simply load the game for five minutes and enjoy some downtime whilst waiting for a download or taking a break from some work.

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