Trailer skips are set to revolutionise the DIY and skip hire industries in the UK

Skip trailers will make skip hire cheaper, more accessible and easier for DIY enthusiasts and consumers in congested cities throughout the UK, and could see the rise of the DIY megastores moving further into the business of waste removal.

London, UK; Whilst they have been available in Australia for some time, mobile trailer skips are only in their infancy in the UK. The introduction of trailer skips will bring the biggest development the industry has ever seen. Skip trailers will make waste disposal easier and more accessible for DIY consumers, as well as reduce the cost of hiring a skip.

As a skip trailer is viewed as a ‘trailer’ when parked on public land, a council skip hire permit will not be required. Skip permits can cost from £15 to upwards of £60, which can represent a sizeable sizing on the cost of waste removal.

In congested cities, access to many streets is difficult, if not impossible, using traditional skip delivery trucks. Skip trailers solve this problem, as they are delivered using smaller and more efficient vehicles. They are faster to position, and as they are on wheels, they can often be rolled into positions not accessible by truck.

Skip trailers are equipped with 4 wheels to distribute the weight and allow the skip to stand. Skip trailers can also be locked in a similar way to lockable skips. This ensures that waste is kept secure, and prevents unwanted and potentially prohibited waste being added to your skip by members of the public.

Many of the DIY tool and hardware megastores, including B&Q, Homebase and Wickes have sold skip bags as their primary waste removal solution. The introduction of mobile trailer skips in the UK could see these major players in the DIY industry make a further transition into the skip hire industry, as has been observed with the Australia equivalent, Bunnings. This would provide on-demand skip hire, allowing customers to arrange and collect a skip in moments, rather than potentially waiting days for a skip truck to make the delivery.

For skip hire companies, the cost of a skip trailer is substantially higher compared to a standard skip. Maintenance costs are also higher, with servicing of the skips, taxing the trailer, and replacing tyre, all added costs not required with traditional skips.

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