Transformational Coach, Corinne Winn, Launches Inspiring Book: Empower Yourself

The entrepreneur, author and coach intends to empower everyone to transform their hopes, goals and dreams into a reality.
A leading online coach, author and speaker has launched a motivational new book that’s set to galvanize readers, as they seek the life they have always envisioned for themselves.

Corinne Winn, author of Empower Yourself, wants to help all of her readers create the life of their dreams; full of meaning, passion, love, fun and happiness. The book, which will be available for a limited time for free on Corinne’s website, is filled with actionable tips and steps, which readers can follow as they strive to build their ideal reality.

Corinne, who also runs a free Facebook community called ‘My Real Selfie’, says, “My intention for this book is to make readers question their lives as they know it. I want to help them understand exactly where they are now, and why they are there. Only when they’ve accepted where they are, and made the conscious decision to move away from everything they know, can they take that exciting leap into a brand new life.”

The book will cover three key areas, the first of which helps readers to understand where they are now. Identifying and accepting the current situation is an essential foundation on which the rest of the book’s lessons and teachings are built. The second section helps readers to understand where they want to be. Many of the individuals Corinne has coached seek a better life, but can’t quite describe what that better life entails. By helping them to establish exactly what they want from life, Corinne helps readers to form meaningful goals to work towards.

The final section of the book focuses on teaching readers how to get from where they are now to where they want to be. With actionable steps and practical advice, readers can make those all-important changes and achieve that coveted lifestyle they have been striving for.

She adds, “I firmly believe that anyone can change, no matter who they are, or what stage of their journey they’re at. As a transformational leader, my mission is to inspire millions of people to change not only themselves, but the world around them, creating a chain reaction of love, kindness and happiness. Through my coaching, and now through my book, I aim to connect with people at soul level, empowering them to make crucial breakthroughs, generating self-belief and encouraging self-love, so that they can step into being that person they have always longed to be.

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