Transformative New Platform Launches to Help SMEs Migrate to Cloud Based Unified Communications

An exciting new business communications platform launches this month, specially engineered to help SME’s harness the power of cloud technology and migrate from a conventional business phone system to the latest IP technology. Encompassing both a supplier directory and a quick-quote comparison tool, Comms4Business is an intelligent resource for enterprises operating in all market sectors. 

Innovative and user friendly, the companies main website application is essentially an online, self-service, advisory platform designed to help SMEs make the move from traditional office telephone systems to cutting edge IP technology. By matching the unique needs of local businesses with a comprehensive database of accredited local partners, the new platform makes the transition process effortlessly easy. Operating with the intention of making the transition process smooth, stress free and cost effective, Comms4 makes next generation telecoms communication a reality for businesses of all sizes. 

Neil Morecraft, Comms4 Managing Director said, “In the world of contemporary business, an intelligent IP solution can make or break the success of a company. Thanks to modern technological developments, SME’s are no longer forced to rely on the traditional PBX and its automated attendant, disconnected voicemail system and dysfunctional Hunt Groups. Comms4 offers an exciting new solution to business communications, providing a one-stop-shop for SME managers wanting to make a seamless transition to IP technology. Encompassing every major ICT vendor on the market, we make intelligent telecoms technology a reality for any small or medium sized organisation.

 “By using our clever cross platform applications, SME business owners can empower themselves with a comprehensive overview of their current system and potential areas where they could be making savings. Quick, reliable and all-encompassing, the Comms4 service provides all the resources a business needs to successfully make the transition to a state-of-the-art cloud based   unified communications solution.”

For firms struggling to streamline operational costs and maximise technological productivity, Comms4 is a must use service. Offering SMEs the chance to browse unified communications strategies from the convenience of a laptop, making the move to intelligent IP technology has never been simpler.

A switch to the cloud-based system represents a significant decrease in the operational costs of land line DDI, ISDN, ADSL and ADSL2 line fees. Expenses such as leased circuits, telephone system maintenance, servicing, parts and call out expenditure can often be reduced or eliminated, making IP migration a cost effective move for any business.

As well as slashing overhead costs, Comms4 can also help businesses drastically enhance the efficiency of their day-to-day operations. Thanks to the advanced communications technology, IP systems allow businesses to connect users with ease, regardless of location or device. A unified communication system is also effortlessly multiplied, capable of taking a business from 2 employees to 2000 users with relative ease.

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Contact: Issued by Comms4 Limited. Please direct press queries to Jessica Bellingham. Email or call 0203 657 6879

About: Comms4Business is a one-stop shop for business communication products and services and features every major phone system device, network, vendor and communications reseller in the UK. The cross platform mobile application provides small and medium sized business owners with a simple yet effective way to evaluate their current system, whilst at the same time offering a quick and reliable method of identifying areas to make savings. The platform provides all the resources required to successfully migrate an office PBX or traditional telephone system to a unified communications solution with everything stored and operated in the Cloud by matching the needs of local businesses with the skills of accredited local resellers.