Tutorsys Offers Teachers Supplementary Income After Survey Reveals Just 3% of Brits Happy with Salary

Tutorsys, a brand new tutoring platform aiming to help level the educational playing field, is offering teachers a great way to supplement their income, after a survey by Adzuna revealed that just 3% of Brits are totally happy with their salary.

The survey, which included 1,000 Brits, found that 50% of those working in teaching and education are dissatisfied with their pay, and 52% of Britain’s overall employees feel underpaid for their jobs.

Tutorsys is a pioneering new tutoring platform which can help teachers supplement their income during the summer off-season. It can be tough for teachers to juggle their finances with a six-week gap to fill – but Tutorsys offers those working in education a real opportunity to earn money over summer by sharing their most vital teaching resources.

Utilising the concept of the ‘flipped classroom’, Tutorsys empowers students, parents and teachers to take on a different, more effective style of education. Tutors can upload their class plans, lesson resources, exams, tutorials and quizzes securely, and students can purchase them for as little as £1 per session – they can then study in their own time, using mobile devices to learn on-the-go and supplementing their education using the methods that suit them best.

Patrick Holm, Director of Tutorsys, says, “The Adzuna survey found that many teachers are dissatisfied with their current rate of pay – and with many of them working around-the-clock to ensure their pupils get the grades and meet their targets, it’s easy to see why teachers feel they deserve more.”

He adds, “Here at Tutorsys, we want to encourage more qualified teachers to share their resources online for the benefit of others – and to supplement their current income. By breaking down the traditional barriers associated with private tutoring, we’re making it easier for students to access extra learning materials, as well as making it easier for teachers to make money outside of the classroom.”

The ‘flipped classroom’ concept was born in 2007, when two tutors decided to start uploading their presentations and lectures for students who missed class. The concept grew and experts discovered this approach to learning came with a multitude of benefits – it acts as an alternative to the traditional ‘one-size-fits-all’ teaching model often used in schools, and it leverages the new technology we have at our fingertips to improve educational outcomes.

For teachers looking to earn money during the summer months, Tutorsys allows those with an excellent array of educational materials at their disposal to share their resources for cash – it’s flexible, easy-to-use and an ideal solution for teachers hoping to supplement their income.

For more information about Tutorsys, please visit the website: http://tutorsys.com/


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About Tutorsys

A brand new tutoring concept based on the idea of the ‘flipped classroom’, Tutorsys.com is a pioneering platform aiming to empower students and level the educational playing field. Tutors and teachers can upload lessons and content, and students can purchase these materials for as little as £1 – they’re then able to learn on-the-go, across multiple devices, in a way that suits their educational needs.