TwinMe captures life’s sacred moments forever in under a second

3D scanning specialist, TwinMe is utilising its expertise, state of the art scanning technology and leading modelling software to capture life’s scared moments forever in under a second. By scanning and producing realistic 3D figurines of individuals or larger groups, the forward thinking company quickly produces an unusual memento to treasure. Safe enough for expecting mothers, couples, families, pets and more it marks any special occasion perfectly with a three dimensional model to keep for years to come.

While the process of 3D scanning and printing may be a new concept to many, TwinMe is an expert in the field and has refined its technique, using industry leading software and equipment to reduce the entire scanning procedure down to under a second. After stepping in the scanning booth for just a few, short moments, TwinMe acquires the data needed to produce a realistic 3D figurine. After scanning, the company produces and ships the 3D model within 14 days.  

The Ganage Brothers, Founders of TwinMe, said, “We are living in a world that thrives off recording memories, which could explain why the trend for the selfie has taken off so much! The 3D selfie model takes this one step further, offering customers a beautiful artefact to display in their home, office or wherever they desire. As well as replacing the traditional photograph, these 3D figurines are also being used as part of the memory making process, with many couples choosing to use their models as cake toppers at their wedding. The only limit is your imagination at TwinMe and if you want it, we can print it!

TwinMe offers group scanning packages, capable of recording and printing 3D models of families or friends. What’s more, with the process taking under a second, even pets can come along for the day to complete the family portrait perfectly.

Those wanting to invest in a TwinMe figurine must visit the scanning studio in London. However, once the initial data capture has been performed, the leaders in 3D imaging technology can ship the finished model to customers anywhere in the world.

With a simple process, great results and competitive pricing, realistic 3D models are set to replace framed family photographs on the mantelpiece thanks to TwinMe. Learn more about the process and view the incredible figurines at


Dakota Digital for TwinMe

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TwinMe create the world’s best quality 3D printed human figurines using advanced 3D scanners and cutting edge 3D printing technology. Taking the selfie to the next, three-dimensional level, they effortlessly re-create everyone who enters their booth with accuracy and perfection. Whether capturing a happy moment such as a wedding or pregnancy or simply making one for fun, a TwinMe model is one to treasure forever.



  • Dakota Digital