TwinMe takes 3D printing to mainstream audience

Today’s world is driven by constant innovations, with the tech-savvy general public more interested in ‘geeky’ products than ever before. However, while they are now quick to embrace up-coming technologies, successful integration of new developments relies on a great route-to-consumer through creative means. TwinMe is using 3D scanning and printing processes to produce realistic ‘selfie’ figurines, making the technology - and the wonderful things it can achieve - accessible to a wider audience.

With a scanning facility based in London, TwinMe invites individuals, couples, groups and families to its studio, capturing their image using a state-of-the-art scanning booth. A 3D printed sand stone figurine is then shipped to the customer within 14 days. With such a one-off, desirable product, it is educating the public about 3D scanning, modelling and printing technology, building confidence in the process and pushing the industry forward.

The Ganage Brothers, Founders of TwinMe, said, “3D scanning and printing is not new to those who are working in the field, but it is yet to become a totally accessible technology and we are only just beginning to explore the possibilities of what it can achieve. TwinMe offers something fun and exciting, taking the popular ‘selfie’ or portraiture craze one step further. And as it is so new and intriguing to our clients, we love teaching our customers more about how their model is actually being made. Just as fun mobile apps can ignite an early spark for coding, we hope that our 3D models ignite a deeper interest in the technology and we urge anyone interested in learning more to visit our store in London today!”

Although 3D printing is not a new term, many people do not have first–hand experience with it as it still remains largely used only in industry, with personal printers retailing at huge prices that the every-day consumer cannot afford. TwinMe and its state-of-the-art studio, filled with leading 3D scanning, modelling and printing equipment enables those interested to interact with this innovative technology and leave with a 3D printed souvenir to remember the experience.

The TwinMe scanning store is based in Bayswater, London but completed 3D figurines can be shipped worldwide. Learn more about the process and view the incredible models at


Dakota Digital for TwinMe

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TwinMe create the world’s best quality 3D printed human figurines using advanced 3D scanners and cutting edge 3D printing technology. Taking the selfie to the next, three-dimensional level, they effortlessly re-create everyone who enters their booth with accuracy and perfection. Whether capturing a happy moment such as a wedding or pregnancy or simply making one for fun, a TwinMe model is one to treasure forever.   



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