UAVAir Urge Commercial Drone Operators to Take Note of Recent Changes to Insurance Law

Following on from the recent change to commercial insurance law, leading drone piloting academy UAVAir urges drone operators who are working commercially to

take note of the legislative modifications in order to continue to fly safely, effectively and legally.

The Insurance Act of 2015 will come into force on 12thAugust 2016 following on from an 18 month lead in period. The updated document looks set to be the biggest statutory change in commercial insurance law since the Maritime Insurance Act of 1906. New amendments are in place requiring commercial operators to take extra care in providing detailed and accurate information to their insurers when evaluating the risk they are insuring.

Ben Keene, Operations Director commented “These recent legislative changes, taking effect in August 2016, are ones that could potentially effect the growing amount of drone pilots who fly for commercial purposes. At UAVAir we pride ourselves on helping this industry thrive, so we urge all commercial UAV pilots to take note of the new insurance act to take steps to make sure they are adequately insured and protected in accordance with these rules”.

The full Insurance Act of 2015 can be read online, however the main changes for UAV pilots to be aware of is in regards to the Duty of Fair Presentation.

There is now a growing need for absolute disclosure of information about the job that requires insurance, so that a more educated risk analysis can be made by the insurer. Failure to do this results in a void in policy, with all premiums kept by the insurer.

Read the full Insurance Act of 2015 here:


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