UK Based Bathroom Fittings Company Blows Competitors Out The Water With State Of The Art Manufacturing Techniques

A global walk in shower and bath manufacturer is setting new industry standards with its ultra-durable range of bathroom fittings. Using innovative design technology and the highest quality materials, Walk in Showers and Baths ships five star factory tested products to customers around the world. Strong, tough and built to last, the trusted British based company is the go-to supplier for home and business owners demanding the highest quality products at the best possible prices.

The frame is essentially the skeleton of a walk in bath and is given ample attention by the in-house design team. While powder coated steel frames run the risk of developing internal rust, Walk in Showers and Baths frames are manufactured using stainless steel to ensure rigidity and longevity. All frames are also welded rather than bolted to safeguard the products against any movement.

Four layers of high-efficiency fibreglass are used to build up body thickness and create products that are built to last. Compared to their conventional dual layer counterparts, customers choosing products from Walk in Showers and Baths enjoy an exceptional level of quality. As well as strengthening the body itself, Walk in Showers and Baths engineers put a special focus on reinforcing main supporting areas around the corners and back of the seat. Five layers of high-efficiency glass-fibre are used to brace these weak spots while a six layer coat is used to strengthen the floor area.

While most walk in baths feature only one layer of gel coat, Walk in Showers and Baths uses an innovative triple layer high gloss gel coat application process designed to create a flawless and durable finish.

John Willis, General Manager said, “Many of our competitors use steel frames and a triple layer of fibreglass which in our professional opinion is both insufficient and hardly built to last. At Walk in Showers and Baths we’re committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products that are guaranteed to stand the test of time. We achieve this by enforcing a stringent frame construction and design process which ensures that every product manufactured in our Telford warehouse carries our company trademarks of quality, durability and value for money.”

Attention to detail does not go overlooked, with the company’s in-house designers reinforcing all air jet and water jet holes with a section of marine ply fibreglass applied to the underside of the base.

Referred to as the ‘Rolls Royce of walk-in-showers,’ the company’s range of Majestic, Windsor and Royal showers offer buyers first class quality. What other companies consider as extras, Walk in Showers and Baths considers standard. As such, features such as bespoke design, adjustable extension panel, single-handle anti-scald water control, removable handheld 3D showerhead, watertight lifetime guarantee and professional installation are all included at no extra cost.

Walk in Showers and Baths ship to countries across the globe including Europe, Australia, Canada and the USA.

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About Walk in Showers and Baths: Based in Telford, Walk in Showers and Baths is a leading shower and bath manufacturer shipping to countries across the globe. All products are distributed from its Shropshire warehouse using the highest quality fibreglass and state of the art design technology.