UK based Sci-Fi Writer gives YA bestselling authors a run for their money

Impressive Author S.C. Bryce aims to take over the mantle of Stephenie Meyer,

 Suzanne Collins & James Dashner

S. C. Bryce’s latest books Running and Pools are transforming the face of YA literature.  S.C. Bryce (who also writes under S.K. Holder for another best-selling series of fantasy books) is a graduate of London’s Guildhall University and has a degree in Social Sciences. Having a day job as a Local Government Officer, computer programmer and web developer may seem a little out of character for a writer of YA Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Paranormal Fiction, but Bryce is able to keep the two personas separate, “I normally write in the early morning for an hour and do about half an hour’s revision work in the evenings. Once a month, I’ll spend a whole day writing, revising and brainstorming.”

Bryce admits to being a hard-worker and takes inspiration from Stephen King by making writing plans that work: “Books are a uniquely portable magic.” Stephen King.

Whether penning successful books as S.C. Bryce or S.K. Holder, the writer is always coming up with new ideas: “As well as my fiction books, I write non-fiction articles for and also work in local government. I wrote Running in the present tense so that the reader can immerse themselves in the character of Kate, her journey and her emotions. Kate goes through the motions of coping, however, inside, she is fearful. She feels guilty for bringing her siblings into danger, but, at the same time, she’s afraid that if they are discovered, the authorities will split them up.”

REVIEWS: Running has been described as: “…a gritty and compelling ghost story, masterfully crafted by S.C. Bryce”. “Running combines serious social issues with magical realism- it is a riveting and emotional tale…” “This is quite an incredible book. From the very beginning, you are thrust into the sad and tragic life of Kate and her misfit companions. You see the dark sides, and the often contradictory sides, of the human psyche. This is not a fairy tale or a lighthearted book. It is gritty, real and difficult - just like real life. I never once thought I had this book figured out and I was right, I didn't. I couldn't have. The ending was just as heart breaking and incredible as the beginning and the middle.”

Running touches upon a diversity of social issues: homelessness, physical and emotional abuse and alcoholism. The magical realism element is incorporated as a powerful vehicle in bringing the story to a distinctive and dramatic conclusion.  The book appeals to all ages, not just YA – and is a window onto lost worlds. A thought-provoking suspense novel.

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In Pools, the second of Bryce’s new releases, the author touches on other worlds and dimensions and it is clear that Bryce is filling the gap left by J.K. Rowling and her Harry Potter series.

REVIEW: “The magic is handled in a manner that is both believable and easy to understand, which makes the whole story more plausible than if the magic had been big and spectacularly done. This is the kind of book that I would happily purchase for my youngest child, who enjoys this sort of story. “

S.C. BRYCE: “Pools is a light-hearted story about a group of spoilt teenagers who find themselves in the dark and sinister world of Craggthorn. They meet a man who assigns them a very important task, but they try to get out of it for their own selfish reasons. However, the more they try to wriggle out of their assignment, the deeper in trouble they become. They travel between the real world and the magical one with disastrous and often humorous consequences, scrambling to repair the mayhem they have created.” 

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