UK launch of Snuffle Dog Beer – Brewed in Belgium

Too many products on the market these days are never-really-needed attempts to open the wallets of hard-nosed investors and consumers. What about banana holders to protect your mid-morning snack from the terrors of a handbag? Of course! Transparent toasters so you can watch one of man's finest technological achievements throughout the burning process? Where do I sign?!

You would be forgiven for thinking that beer for dogs is something along these lines. What the world needs least of all is beer for dogs. Dogs are hard enough to discipline without getting them drunk.

We're not crazy, obviously: Snuffle Dog Beer does not contain any alcohol, though it would be pretty excellent to see dogs playing pool. It also doesn't contain any gases or anything else that might make a dog unwell.

But there's one thing it will do, and that's make your dog happy. Because that look you see on your dog's face while he watches you drink an ice-cold bottle of lager, that's not pride, or confusion. That's jealousy.

Imagine the look on Rocky's face as you crack open a beer only to pour it into his bowl instead of your mouth - from downcast and resigned to astounded. Full of the gratitude of a thirsty man in the desert handed a, well, a bottle of cold beer. The Snuffle range doesn't taste of old socks as some beers seem to nowadays, but either chicken or a mixed beef-chicken brew that's guaranteed to make your hairiest best mate yelp with delight. A turkey flavour is on the way, with more to follow.

Snuffle Dog Beer has been flying off the shelves in over 25 countries. The beer is brewed with beef or chicken stock and malt barley extracts, plus mineral oils, and truth be told it's a wonder humans bother drinking the real thing when a beverage as healthy as this is available.

Snuffle Dog Beer can be enjoyed by your pet as often as you enjoy a beer yourself. The time has come to share the traditional British pastime of drinking with our four-legged friends. There's no way this can end any way other than magnificently.

Snuffle Dog Beer comes in a glass 25cl bottle and 4-pack. For further information and a list of stockists of this wonderful dog beer please visit our website

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