UK Workers Think 36% of Hours Spent at Work are Unproductive

Business owners concerned by recent results of a ‘Global Attitudes to Work’ survey can increase staff motivation and efficiency with an accurate timekeeping solution from real-time workforce management experts, IQ Timecard. The research, gathered by employee engagement and consumer Insights experts Qualtrics, revealed that UK workers thought that over 36% of their time spent at work was unproductive.

These new insights, gathered after questioning 6,250 employees in 14 different countries found that all other European workers rated themselves as more productive than those in the UK. For British business owners and managers these figures are worrying. In light of recent rises in national living wage and other government cuts effecting many businesses, it is important now more than ever, for staff to be as productive as they can be within working hours.

When operating a company that uses a remote workforce, encouraging productivity can be a challenging task, with no real means of knowing the details of each employee’s working day. IQ Timecard offer an app based workforce management solution that could assist worried business owners in gaining back a culture of productivity amongst their workers. With the innovative software from IQ Timecard, members of staff can accurately log their arrival and departure times of each shift, allowing for a real-time overview of their working patterns to be easily seen.

David Lynes, Director of IQTimecard, says, “Productivity has always been a key word for managers and business owners wanting to ensure that their companies are as efficient as possible, especially in this challenging corporate climate. The recent results revealed in the survey by Qualitrics are sure to be concerning for managers across the UK. Encouraging thorough timekeeping however can be a great first step in improving the effectiveness of the workforce, creating a company culture with a positive and efficient attitude towards the working day.”

By encouraging more thorough timekeeping, managers could begin to increase the productivity throughout their company. With emphasis on precise time management, staff are more likely to be aware of the exacting hours they have within a working day, ensuring they achieve certain tasks within the time limit. This can see productivity levels soar not only by helping to plan out a day, but by discouraging both over and under working of allocated hours.

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