Ultimate Handyman Pulls In More YouTube Views than Top DIY Retailers Combined

As an ever-increasing number of homeowners try their hand at DIY, the digital don The Ultimate Handyman has racked up an impressive 48,000 subscribers on YouTube. With that number continuing to rise daily, he has accumulated 27,000,000 combined views, beating alternative large DIY related channels such as B&Q, Wickes, Screw Fix and Homebase. Providing his millions of faithful followers with free footage, The Ultimate Handyman divulges his knowledge and expertise to the masses and has quickly become one of the UK’s biggest DIY resources.

The Ultimate Handyman, otherwise known as Chez Rossi, provides homeowners with a convenient, immediately accessible range of videos to assist their every DIY need. What’s more, as an independent channel the videos give honest, unbiased advice about products and tools to use in various renovation projects.

The process of decorating, installing, refurbishment and renovation can be a complicated and daunting process to newcomers, hence the popularity of the DIY advice channel. The Ultimate Handyman channel talks though topics and demonstrates various day to day DIY dabbles, including how-to videos depicting larger projects such as building conservatories, decorating and plumbing and smaller everyday processes such as putting up shelves, plastering and paint jobs.

Designed to assist with any DIY task, the accessible, convenient and light hearted video style simplifies otherwise complex processes and talks viewers through metal work solutions, power tools, DIY tips, procedures and solutions, quick tips and product reviews. The videos are designed to be easy to follow and are set out in a simple, down to earth, straight forward style ensuring that first timers and DIY gurus in need of a quick refresh can easily undertake the project at hand.

Chez Rossi, founder of The Ultimate Handyman found a way to transform his hobby into helping others. He says, “I started Ultimate Handyman back in December of 2004. Initially I started the site because a close friend of mine was constantly asking me DIY questions. He never has to ask me now! I just decided to make the website on a whim; I didn’t really expect it to take off as it has. I realised that as a full time maintenance engineer I had a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise that I could transfer to people.

“I wanted my videos to be for the everyday homeowner; the hardworking man, busy working parents or the modern businesswoman living alone that needs a project completed. It can often be quite traumatic for first timers because of all the lingo, equipment, tools and processes involved but I find if you just keep it simple, people grasp the concepts quite quickly. It helps people to save money and really gives them confidence in their abilities to fix and maintain their own home. It gives me a lot of satisfaction knowing that I can help people do it for themselves.”

With a selection of over 310 videos to choose from, viewers can look up required parts to complete a job and in the rare instance that the Ultimate Handyman has not provided the answer, they can join the forum and ask questions. The channel’s charismatic host has pulled in a loyal following that turn to him for all of their DIY requirements.

Chez adds, “I think it’s important that we increase our knowledge and expertise of DIY so that homeowners can feel confident to undertake such challenges themselves.”

To find out more about the Ultimate Handyman visit http://www.ultimatehandyman.co.uk/

To watch any of his YouTube DIY videos, please visit: https://www.youtube.com/user/ultimatehandyman

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About The Ultimate Handyman:  The Ultimate Handyman is a website and popular YouTube channel founded in 2007 that provides viewers with free DIY advice and demonstrations on a range of subjects. Founder Chez Rossi aims to provide homeowners with the confidence and capability to undertake big DIY projects themselves.