Unconventional Price Comparison Site Offers UK Shoppers Out Of This World Deals

Online shopping is set to undergo an exciting revamp this week just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with the launch of a brand new price comparison site featuring a wide range of leading UK retailers. Unlike its competitors, Savaganza actively works behind the scenes to secure a constant flow of deals, coupons and offers on all the latest branded products. This offers buyers a one off chance to snap up exclusive bargains on some of the UK’s most popular products. The site currently boasts partnerships with an impressive portfolio of leading UK retailers including Amazon, Argos, Asos, John Lewis, K & Co. Mobiles.co.uk and Skechers.

So how does this cutting edge approach to online shopping work? Savaganza has built partnerships with a number of major affiliate networks which integrate retailer data feeds in order to provide shoppers with an up-to-the-minute comparison and search facility. These prices are then accompanied by exclusive deals sourced by the dedicated team of Savaganza savings gurus – offering fantastic deals over the Christmas shopping period.

As well as providing shoppers with all the latest pricing information Savaganza offers retailers the unique benefit of showcasing their products on a site that that doesn’t charge a per click fee. Instead, retailers only pay a commission on each sale which means that profit margins are kept as high as possible. The lack of PPC model also encourages retailers to offer discounts, vouchers and coupons alongside their products without the risk of having to fork out click fees on behalf of curious customers. It’s a win-win situation for both parties and is set to see Savaganza emerge as the go-to site for savings savvy shoppers on the hunt for incredible bargains.

Mike Ncube, Co-Founder of Savaganza said, “The reason we are able to offer our shoppers access to the lowest prices and exclusive offers is because we don't charge retailers the commonplace PPC fee. Commission is generated purely from cold hard sales which means that it’s in our best interests to get visitors to buy… Coupons, offers and discounts are by far the best way of doing this! Retailers also benefit due to the fact that they don’t have to fork out for every visitor to their site. Everyone wins!”

Thanks to its exclusive merchant partnerships Savaganza is currently offering shoppers thousands of exclusive coupons and offers that simply cannot be found on competitor price comparison sites such as Pricegrabber, Kelkoo and Pricerunner. While most of these sites list the lowest prices their PPC fees mean they don’t have access to the additional discounts and offers that Savaganza has been able to secure.

When visitors sign up to become a Savaganza member they select categories which determine which offers, vouchers and discounts they will receive in their inbox. This offers shoppers complete flexibility over their preferences and ensures that offers are tailor made to suit individual interests. Unregistered users can still take advantage of the Savaganza revolution and filter offers and discounts by retailer and/or category.

To find out more about Savaganza and join the online shopping revolution visit the website at: www.savaganza.co.uk

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About Savaganza: Tailor made for UK shoppers, Savaganza is a brand new online price comparison website set to shake up the online shopping sphere. Unlike most other price comparison sites Savaganza charges its merchants a pay per buy commission fee rather than the conventional PPC model. This means that shoppers enjoy access to exclusive offers, discounts and vouchers which are designed to generate sales. It’s a mutually beneficial concept which offers buyers incredible savings and ensures retailers only pay commission on sure fire sales.