Unique retreat puts focus on art as guests control the exclusive program

The rise of media and the Internet has meant that the world has become more connected. Allowing people to easily communicate with one another at the click of a button, it means that many people have friends and acquaintances located all over the world. However sometimes, it’s nice to physically spend time with people and relax in a serene and cultural environment.

Boom Boom Mansion, located in Baja, California, provides guests with a safe and cultural base in which to spend quality time with those located anywhere in the world. Allowing guests to pay for anyone, from anywhere in the world, for a getaway at the retreat via their innovative website, the Mansion is ideal for digitally-minded culture vultures who still value physical world interaction.

Helping guests to build stronger relationships with the people – whether they have established relationships or are simply acquaintances, Josephine Johnson, Regional Marketing Director at Boom Boom Mansion, said, “The Mansion is the ideal meeting place or getaway for a range of people interested in the arts, yoga, fashion and exotic dining. Providing a quiet base, it is ideal for a range of singles, couples and groups ages twenty-nine and above. Boasting a stunning range of workshops with a strong focus on learning and connecting with nature and unleashing creativity, we offer a laid-back and individual escape for all our guests.”

There’s just one rule at Boom Boom – that guests refrain from using their mobile phones. However almost everything that happens – such as painting and coaching workshops, cheese and wine outings and guided tours, all taught by certified instructors and designed to enhance and create a truly unforgettable experience – is decided by the guests, who are active participants in the experience.

The exceptional retreat attracts a range of visitors, including prominent figures such as Presidents, CEOs, leaders of NGOs, fashion leaders, art leaders and sports leaders. Also an ideal place for singles to discover whether they are a proper fit in a secure environment, the Mansion has proven to be a stunning retreat for guests to reconnect with nature, art, love and one another.

To find out more about Boom Boom Mansion, visit the website: http://www.BoomBoomMansion.com

There is 50% off for first 1,000 guests by entering Coupon Code: Muyiwa Olumide.

Contact: Hannah Byrne

Email: hannah@dakotadigital.co.uk

Tel UK: 01623 428996

Tel US: 917-720-3025


Boom Boom Mansion is a museum and guest house that allows singles, couples, groups and art collectors that connect online to meet at a physical Fine Art Love Retreat. Inimitable artwork adorns the picturesque building, bringing inspiration and warmth to the interior, while the ornate furniture contrasts beautifully with the crystal clear blue sea that surrounds the retreat. Exclusively for those aged 29 and over, the Mansion Museum and Guest House allows people to check in at any time they like and create their own unique experience.

Notes to editors

The Mansion is looking for hosts; life coaches, yoga instructors, sex therapists, business coaches, dance coaches, painting teachers.

have a unique skill you wish teach at the mansion? Whenever a guest referred by you books a trip, you will receive an all-inclusive paid package to be at the mansion for the duration of your guests' trip! Simply tell your clients to state your name under "Host" when booking.

Contact Josephine for more information: Gallery@boomboommansion.com

The Mansion is also looking for celebrities, CEOs, artists and leaders in their specific fields to donate their time for charity by allowing someone to pay for a trip with them to the Mansion. Singles or couples can bid for a trip to the mansion with them, and proceeds from the booking will go to charity.

Celebrity sign up: Contact Adam Bove: Above@charitybuzz.com

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