Unique smartphone device gives hands and wrists a much needed break

Last year smartphones overtook laptops to become the most popular device for getting online in the UK. Over the last couple of years’ smartphones have become an essential part of our daily lives but using the devices can be cumbersome, the launch of a new patent pending product, the Handee Holder, aims to change that by providing a unique, wearable hands free holder.

Constantly holding and using a smartphone can put additional stress on our arms, wrists, and hands but with so many uses it’s unlikely smartphone use will decline. To combat this issue, the Handee Holder Waist Bag Smartphone Holder has been created with efficiency, practicality, and the user’s physical appearance in mind.

Rabin Balkee, Founder of Handee Holder and Managing Director at Lifesaver P.M.C.S Ltd., said, “Smartphones are so important to our lives that we can forget about our poor arms, wrists and hands are working harder to keep up with the constant demand of use. If you’re using your device for long periods of time it can mean constantly swapping hands, changing posture to get comfortable or placing your smartphone on surfaces that are not ergonomic. Handee Holder changes all that by providing a trendy, cool wearable device that gives your hands a break while still allowing you to reply to a text, browse the internet or play a game on your smartphone.”

Handee Holder has taken inspiration from the humble waist bag and given it a modern twist to suit today’s connected and busy lives. It’s made up of a main strap that is easily attached around the user’s waist, as well as two additional mini straps for extra support. The stand itself has a maximum extension of 30cm and operates by frictional joints which allow the stand to be easily positioned manually. It also retracts inside the bag's main compartment for easy storage. The waist bag also features additional compartments to store other small everyday essentials.

Handee Holder is now launching a crowdfunding campaign to take its concept to the masses. The organisation has a target of £10,000 to allow it to begin production of the product and make its first sales in 2017. Backers can receive one of the first Handee Holders as a thank you for their support.

To find out more visit http://www.handeeholder.com/

To view and back Handee Holder’s crowdfunding campaign visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/530561667/waist-bag-smartphone-holder-handee-holder .  

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Handee Holder is a unique wearable device that holds smartphones, leaving users with their hands free even when using their device. Its design means that it can be folded down for compact storage and can be used to carry other essential items. 



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