Unleash Your Social Media Secret Weapon with Social Buzzing’s Management Service

Social media management is a full-time occupation, but thousands of businesses across the UK simply don’t have the time to devote to this crucial marketing strand. Step forward, Social Buzzing – one of the country’s leading social media management services, with a range of packages that can help businesses large and small realise their online potential.

Social activities are now the top way to spend time on laptops, tablets and smartphones. At the last count in Britain, 62m hours every day are spent Tweeting, Pinning, Instagramming, Liking and Poking – that’s one hour for every single adult and child in the country. But with many businesses dedicating just thirty minutes a day to their online feeds, how many can truly say they are realising the potential that their social marketing strategy has?

The team at Social Buzzing monitor and manage social media sites throughout the day, so there’s always someone to make a topical post, respond to a customer query or reach out to a potential customer. This unique service allows business owners to concentrate on the running of their business, while also ensuring their company maintains an online presence that is strategic, responsive and constant.

Vanessa Whitaker, Founder and Director of Social Buzzing, says, “A report from Ofcom recently found that Britons now spend more time using technology like smartphones and tablets than they do sleeping – and a huge proportion of that time spent on devices is devoted solely to social media. There are millions of consumers out there just waiting to be reached, but not all businesses can afford to hire an employee for this specific task.”

She adds, “At Social Buzzing, we allow our clients to enjoy all of the benefits associated with great social media management – without any of the pitfalls. Those utilising our social media management services won’t need to spend hours checking Tweets or Pins, they won’t need to take a crash course in Sponsored Posts and Google Hangouts, nor will they need to splash out on a brand new employee. We maintain and monitor each platform to the highest standard, providing strategic advice and the marketing nous necessary to get people buzzing about any business online.”

Social Buzzing can take over all social platforms, whatever stage of the process a business is at. Some clients have never set up a Facebook account before and need to build from the very bottom, while other businesses have fully functioning accounts that simply need a little touch of expertise to take them to the next level and reach wider audiences. The management package offers everything from initial optimisation of profiles to reputation management, and a multimedia strategy that incorporates video, images and audio. Social Buzzing can act as any business’ social media secret weapon – and now is the time to unleash it.

To find out more about Social Buzzing, or to enquire about their range of services, visit the website: http://www.SocialBuzzing.co.uk/

Email: hello@socialbuzzing.co.uk. Tel: 0207 859 4100

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