Vape by Subscription to Make Your New Year Resolution Stick, Says Shoreditch

New Year is one of the most popular times for smokers to consider moving away from traditional tobacco, but vaping brand Shoreditch says that if you want to keep your resolution going past January, consider an e-liquid subscription box.

According to the NHS, only 10% of those who make health-related New Year’s Resolutions end up keeping them long term, with almost half not even lasting until the end of the first month. With around 9.6 million adult smokers in the UK, it’s easy to see why quitting smoking is still a key resolution each year, and getting prepared is the first step to creating a distance from cigarettes.

Over the past two years, e-cigarettes have overtaken nicotine patches, lozenges and other products to become the most popular alternative to traditional tobacco products. E-cigarettes and e-liquids don’t produce tar or carbon monoxide like ordinary tobacco smoke, and Public Health England has cited vaping as being 95% less harmful than smoking.

Shoreditch’s innovative service makes it easy explore the world of vaping without having to stir from home comforts with a tailored subscription box delivered every thirty days.

Ryan Shaw, founder of Shoreditch says, “The service from Shoreditch is all about convenience. We want our customers to be able to enjoy their favourite e-liquids without having to interrupt their busy lives by going online and making repeat orders, travelling to the shop or running the risk of running out, which could encourage them to smoke again.”

The monthly e-liquid subscription box from Shoreditch could help those struggling to maintain their resolution stay on the wagon past the sticky thirty-day point. For those who begin their subscription at the start of January, a fresh batch of e-liquids will be sent to their doorstep just in time to keep them going past the Resolution hump.

The wide array of flavours from Shoreditch include national favourites such as tobacco, menthol and fruit-influenced blends as well as a unique Edition range featuring a selection of fusion recipes. Each unique E-liquid is created by Shoreditch, and is produced in the UK to the highest possible standards.

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Founded in the UK’s hipster capitol, Shoreditch’s innovative subscription boxes make vaping fit conveniently into a busy lifestyle. Each tailored box contains a selection of Shoreditch’s own high quality UK-produced e-liquids. Shoreditch also supply market-leading devices and starter kits through their website for both the discerning vaper and inquisitive first timer dipping their toe in the exciting world of vaping.



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