VDME Industries Unveil Pioneering New Technology to Cut Manufacturing Emissions by 27%

Highly regarded research firm, VDME Industries, has announced the launch of a ground-breaking new technology, which could dramatically cut power and manufacturing plant pollution by more than a quarter.

The proprietary technology, based on the original Universal-Core technology developed by VDME, has been tested independently and proven to reduce harmful emissions by 27% - a figure that could attract the attention of governments all over the world as they fight to protect the environment.

VDME Industries is committed to tackling pollution with innovative technology; technology which, they hope, will ‘propel humanity forward’. With UK air pollution linked to more than 40,000 early deaths every year, and deadly smog closing factories in Beijing, the global demand for clean solutions is greater than ever before. The team at VDME believe this new technology could be the answer that world leaders are looking for.

Omar Torres, CEO of VDME Industries, says, “We’ve already seen various examples of the risks and dangers of pollution this year, with Beijing’s entire manufacturing district closed down because of the smog threat. The picture in the UK is not much better, with tens of thousands of early deaths attributed to air pollution. A solution is desperately needed – and we think we’ve created a viable way for factories to reduce their harmful emissions and become cleaner, and greener.”

Mr Torres adds, “A coalition of billionaires including Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Chris Hohn have already pledged more than 20bn to the efforts to clean up our atmosphere and reduce pollution. We think our test results are certainly worthy of their attention, and we will continue to push our pioneering new technology to the forefront, presenting it as a genuine solution to the global pollution crisis.”

The tests which yielded reductions of 27% were carried out on a prototype of the technology that hasn’t yet been finalized – which means the prospect of even greater reductions is a viable one. With further backing and investment, VDME could well enhance the solution even further and ensure that their pioneering tech appears on the global radar.

There are more than 62,500 power plants in the world, and many thousands more factories emitting harmful chemicals into the atmosphere every hour of every day. VDME has focused all of its energies on developing technologies that will allow citizens of the world to enjoy a healthier life, cleaner air and purer water.

For more information about VDME Industries, visit the website: http://www.vdmeindustries.com/

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