Helps Avid Gardeners Achieve Maximum Efficiency As Popularity of Square Foot Gardening Soars

Square foot gardening is by no means a new phenomenon – but as thousands more avid gardeners cotton onto this highly efficient planting technique, square foot gardening (or SFG) is set to become the UK’s hottest new horticultural trend.

Conceived in the 1970s by author and TV presenter Mel Bartholomew, square foot gardening helps those with green fingers to create manageable gardens with simple raised beds. It involves segregating these beds into sections, with each section allocated to a different plant. Those who are involved in the square foot gardening phenomenon affirm that the technique takes much less time than traditional gardening, and it also yields fantastic crops – ideal for those who love to bring homegrown produce into their own kitchens. is a smart square foot gardening planner, which helps those interested in this planting technique to get the best from their new beds. The planner allows users to create a virtual birds-eye view of their own garden, with all of their beds separated into sections. The tool also offers vegetable suggestions for each plot, based on a variety of tests and algorithms which calculate which plants will thrive in certain areas. 

Karl Phillips, the man behind, is not surprised by the sudden surge in the popularity of square foot gardening. “Those living in urban areas are increasingly looking for ways in which they can make the most of the small space that they live in – not only inside, but outside, too. Many urban gardens are small, but the beauty of the square foot gardening technique is that it can help anyone make the most of a small space and generate an impressive vegetable yield – even for those who don’t consider themselves to be at all green-fingered!”

Square foot gardening has developed a reputation as a great gardening technique for those who are short on time, or can’t spend long periods of time tackling weeds or pests. It’s a great way for the elderly and disabled to continue to cultivate a garden, even if their mobility is limited – the raised beds can be built to a height that reduces the need for bending or stretching.

Square foot gardening is also great for introducing little ones to the prospect of growing their own produce. It offers valuable educational opportunities, as well as the sense of satisfaction that comes with growing, nurturing and eventually consuming food from your own garden – a real thrill, and not just for youngsters!

Karl adds, “Our smart vegetable planner is ideal for beginners and square foot gardening experts alike. It helps to create a virtual plan of the garden, as well as giving users suggestions and tips as to which vegetables they should plant in certain locations. The tool also offers convenient reminders, so that users can keep track of when they need to harvest certain plants, when they should stock up on seeds, and when they should start planting their next batch – it’s gardening made simple and straightforward.”

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About is a smart vegetable planner for organic square foot gardeners. It uses a database of plants plus our unique suggestion system to provide guidance on what to plant. It also has an easy to use visual planner and reminders for planting and harvesting.



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