Vegetable Planning App Helps Families in Urban Areas Engage Children with Healthy, Home-grown Food

Children who are educated and involved in the origins and growth of fresh produce from a garden are likely to eat more fruit and vegetables than those who aren’t, studies suggest. Creating a working vegetable patch to engage and excite children in small urban gardens however is a challenging task, with many modern families not having access to the level of horticultural knowledge required to launch a successful vegetable garden. Vegetable planning app is a smart tool that helps any urban gardener, young or old, every step of the way towards achieving the perfect patch of healthy crops for all the family to enjoy.

Eating well and eating right is becoming of increasing concern for much of the general public. As well as making more efforts to eat a balanced and nutritional diet, many are also aware of the environmental impact of the mass food production that fuels many big supermarket chains. Whether it be for health or for ethics, many individuals are now considering taking the steps required to grown their own organic vegetables. Creating a working vegetable patch can also help concerned parents ensure their children form great eating habits from an early age.

Until recently however, ‘growing your own’ has not been part of mainstream culture. Modern life has moved many families away from rural areas and into urban towns and cities, where gardening is not common practise. In these cases many turn to a local allotment for gardening ground but increase in demand, coinciding with this surge of horticultural interest, means that space is not always available for those who desire it. Using can combat this, helping disappointed gardeners utilise whatever small space is available to them at home to cultivate a thriving vegetable patch.

“When I first started growing my own vegetables five years ago I didn’t know where to begin and ultimately the success of my crops suffered. After much searching around however I found the simple but effective no-dig Square Foot gardening technique and it has worked for me ever since!”. Commented Karl Phillips, creator of He continued “ is based around this Square Foot technique, with planting suggestions to help urban gardeners, of any experience, achieve tasty and healthy vegetables time and time again”.

First, users can tell where their garden is and the app will create a virtual square foot bed to represent the patch. The tool suggests which vegetables are best to plant and why, before any seeds are sowed and logged in the app. Gardeners can return to the app to reference in which grid each seed is planted and to see reminders of planting times which are invaluable reference points. Finally, notifies users when each vegetable is ready to harvest and takes you through the whole process to continue throughout the season! Families can enjoy healthy, home grown produce with the help of

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About is a smart vegetable planner for organic square foot gardeners. It uses a database of plants plus our unique suggestion system to provide guidance on what to plant. It also has an easy to use visual planner and reminders for planting and harvesting.



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