Video Games Are Top Form of Escapism – Enjoy New Realms and Exciting Adventures with MyRealGames

41% of those who play online video games admit that they play the games as an escape from the real world, with one expect commenting that spending a lot of time playing video games is associated with a strong desire to seek new sensations and experience. Online gaming site MyRealGames is giving its users the chance to enjoy a plethora of exhilarating adventures that allow them a respite from the real world for a few hours, as they solve puzzles, complete quests and defeat the bad guy at the end.

MyRealGames is an online gaming archive with hundreds of exciting games to choose from. Those who are seeking a way to escape from the real world can dive into mythical adventures, complicated puzzle games, mind-boggling mysteries and all-action platform games, leaving their everyday worries behind as they become the hero of the story.  The games available on the site can be played across a number of different formats – there are downloadable titles, free in-browser games and a number of new mobile apps, so gamers can escape into a new world wherever they are in this one.

Nikolai Veselov, of MyRealGames, says, “Playing online games is a great form of escapism, and we provide the platform for users to lose themselves in a multitude of exciting titles. Whether they want to spend an evening engrossed in an ancient puzzle game, trying to crack a famous mystery or escaping from rabid zombies on a jet-fuelled motorbike, we’ve got the dynamic range of games to help them go on a series of thrilling adventures without ever leaving the comfort of their home.”

Treasure Island: The Golden Bug - Extended Edition is the perfect example of a game where players can escape into a vibrant world that is nothing like the one we inhabit. This game takes users on a trip back in time, to 1827 in Charleston, South Carolina. When the son of a wealthy family finds an odd golden beetle on the sand one day, he is whisked into an unforgettable adventure to find a mysterious pirate’s treasure – players can enjoy a multitude of fun mini-games and explore 18 different locations as they track down the booty and plunder it for themselves in this hidden object game. This is escapism at its finest!

If having exciting new experiences and exploring incredible new worlds is what you search for in a game, look no further than Magic Academy. Gamers play as someone whose sister has gone missing while studying at the famed Higher Academy of Arwindale – now the players must start up an investigation to see her safe return. With enchantments and spells, magical artefacts and the ultimate reward at the end of the game, Magic Academy is a prime example of using online games to experience things you never could in real life!

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About MyRealGames:  MyRealGames have fast made a name for themselves as one of the US’s premier free online gaming sites. All games are fully licensed for PC’s, have unlimited gameplay time and are 100% free. The site offers a diverse range of genres meaning there is something for every online gaming lover.