Vintage-Inspired Living Rooms: A Look For All Seasons

The idea of a vintage living room is something which never seems to go out of style. Perhaps in part due to the historic nature of the trend, with inspiration from the past combined with elements of the modern, is something which keeps it relevant whilst harking back to glory days. Whatever the reason for its enduring popularity, the vintage trend is one that is here to stay, and has the added advantage of never looking tired or dated. This guide demonstrates how to achieve a thoroughly vintage look in any living space, without sacrificing comfort or practicality.

Modern vintage living rooms tend to have fairly muted colour schemes, with nothing too brash or bold. Duck-egg blue, taupe and pearl help to keep the look classy and fresh without being too overbearing. This is not to say that the entire look has to be plain and understated; floral wallpapers on feature walls make a stunning addition to the foundations of a vintage room, while different fabrics used help to keep things interesting. Velvet cushions, real leather sofas and fur rugs all add another level to this look. Another alternative for those who don’t want to stick to a rigid colour scheme is to paint all walls and features a bright white. This offers freedom and a fairly blank canvas where the rest of the décor is concerned.

When furnished and decorated properly, a vintage living room has a look with an element of formality, which also looks traditional, homely and lived-in. Thrift shops and flea markets are perfect for finding second-hand accessories, with gems like lamps, vases and wall-art all contribute to the cosy feel. For those with expensive tastes, stunning chandeliers can be found when scouring thrift shops or such distributors of vintage homewares; the chandelier is the ultimate vintage accessory, but should only be used in homes with high ceilings.

Feature furniture is a prominent feature in creating a real vintage living space. A chaise longue in luxuriously soft fabric, or a standalone chair reupholstered with matching cushions and sturdy wooden legs can provide a beautiful focal point to the room whilst keeping with the style. Fireplaces are also wonderful features to make use of and divert attention towards. Whether they are real and functioning or not, the fireplace can be the very heart of a room, where all chairs are pointed and all attention is focused. Wrought iron furniture makes a beautiful addition to a vintage-style room, especially if the look is aiming for delicate femininity. Wrought iron coffee tables painted white, set with a glass top, make great additions to the room, and when combined with a genuine leather sofa in a rich shade of brown, they contrast and complement each other perfectly. A sense of Victorian appeal is brought about with the addition of gold accessories such as tea sets, embellished photo frames and elaborate ornaments for display.

The vintage living room doesn’t always have to be light, floral and feminine. For a slightly more masculine look, combine a real leather sofa or leather club chair was varnished wooden floors and white walls. Traditional trunks and mahogany accessories help to give the whole look a more rugged feel, and seventies-style floral carpets help to finish off the look without being too overtly girly.

One of the many beautiful aspects of the vintage look is its flexibility. It is not rooted in any particular style or era, and so making additions and changes is simple and can be carried out every few years to provide an update on the previous look. The staple parts of the look; the leather sofa or armchair, the sturdy coffee table and the ornate fireplace, are all features which will never go out of style, so the rest of the vintage room can be built around these special pieces.

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