VISU.AL Is Selected as Digital Production Partner for Mayor of London’s Digital Careers Show- Mobilize:LDN

Leading information design and content marketing agency, VISU.AL, has been selected by Techmix Mag to be the Visual Digital Production Partner of Mobilize:LDN, an economic growth intervention programme focusing on bridging the digital skills gap.

VISU.AL will be responsible for visual identity across all digital platforms for Mobilize:LDN, and has released an insightful infographic, which can be seen at, addressing the digital skills gap in London, ahead of the next event – part of the Digital Careers Show - on July 7th.

The infographic helps to emphasise what many in the industry are also sure of: that the future is digital. The graphic is packed with insightful statistics, such as the fact that the Mayor’s office predicts 51,500 digital businesses will be thriving in the capital by 2025, and 90% of new jobs being created now require specific digital skills. Mobilize:LDN’s entire aim is to help build a pipeline of talent to hiring companies in the digital sector, as well as giving young people the technical skills they need to get ahead in this new industry.

Filip Greenwich, Founder of VISU.AL, says, “We’re excited and honoured to be working with the Digital Careers Show, an initiative set up by Techmix Mag, in partnership with the London Enterprise Panel. Events like this are invaluable for both young people in and around London, and businesses looking to recruit the best digital talent out there. Having exhibited at previous events, I’ve been amazed by the talent and enthusiasm some of the attendees have shown, and we’ve recruit some great talent ourselves as a direct result of this initiative.”

Ed Baker, Editor-in-Chief for Techmix Mag says, “An initiative focusing on bridging the digital skills gap wouldn’t be nearly as effective if it didn’t have a coherent, visible digital strategy across all platforms. I’m happy to be partnering with VISU.AL to provide content strategy, design and distribution services which will educate, engage and entertain our target audience, and inform them of the exciting events we have planned as part of Mobilize:LDN.”

VISU.AL has worked with big brand names in the past, with Trainline, World Gold Council, Accenture Digital, Greenpeace and the NHS Trust all previous clients of the visual content marketing agency. The VISU.AL ethos is based around helping clients connect with their audience – something which will be essential as Mobilize:LDN starts to gain traction over the coming weeks.

A number of exciting events around the capital have been planned as part of Mobilize:LDN and the Digital Careers Show. The events will unite the best young digital leaders between the ages of 15 and 25, with SME employers keen to raise career ambitions and address the recruitment challenges of the new digital industry. With sponsors including Barclays, Cisco, City & Guides, UFI Charitable Trust and Fiverr, the campaign has strong support within the industry, and VISU.AL will be tasked with ensuring that support is communicated to the target audience.

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