Vitamin-packed tablets help festival-lovers find their fizz

Glastonbury may be a distant memory to those who endured the mud and enjoyed the music, however there’s still a whole host of festivals taking place up and down the country over the coming months. From one-day festivals in inner cities, to three-day adventures in the countryside, to almost week-long escapes with hundreds of music acts to see and hear, festivals are a staple of British summer.

However all that partying and exploring can leave festivalgoers feeling less than fizzy, but that’s where VÖOST comes in. Bubbling into drinks, these effervescent vitamins and minerals are the perfect accompaniment to give festival lovers back some fizz. A quick and simple addition to the diets of festivalgoers, they help give people the nutrients they need during a few days of camping, or a day of outdoor dancing.

Thomas Siebel, owner of VÖOST, said, “Festivals are a real cultural experience for attendees. Promising music, a diverse range of people and lots of fun, there’s no wonder they attract millions of people all over the world. However festivals aren’t known for being the healthiest of events, and this is highlighted when people return.”

Awash with fast food and fizzy drinks, festivals don’t offer up much for health conscious individuals. Paired with the lack of opportunities for exercise, and those returning can be left feeling bloated, tired and altogether flat. Adding VÖOST to their diet when they return can add some serious fizz to festival lovers’ lives. The bubbly vitamins and minerals contain no added dairy, lactose or yeast, so are perfect post festival when people find themselves back in the full swing of life and too tired to shop or cook properly and in need of getting back on track with key nutrients.

Providing essential vitamins and minerals in a great-tasting effervescent tablet, festival goers can find their fizz with VÖOST when they return home, whether its rock, pop or folk that piques people’s interest. To find out more about VÖOST, visit:  

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At VÖOST we love all things effervescent. We’re about providing our customers with specifically formulated vitamins and minerals that suit the Australian Lifestyle, all year round. We also understand customers’ needs vary through summer, autumn, winter and spring and this is what makes our range so popular. Since launching we have sold over 3,500,000 tubes of VÖOST, which equates to over 35 million tablets/glasses consumed by Australians.



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