VÖOST puts the fizz back in the UK population this summer

British summertime officially clocked in last week, which means outdoor events and soirees will be filling up calendars right around the country.

VÖOST; an exciting Vitamin brand fresh from down under is ready to give the people of the UK a summertime boost of vitamins and minerals. The effervescent tablets are perfect for putting the fizz back into the UK population this summer.

Thomas Siebel, Managing Director, said, “When the weather is warmer and drier, people are naturally more active. Exploring the outdoors and undertaking more vigorous exercise is great, but it can put pressure on the body if it isn’t properly fuelled.”

During the busier summer months, people don’t always get the time to eat as well as they’d like.   VÖOST’s extensive range means that people can tailor their vitamin intake to suit their needs. Boasting six varieties, the range includes a Vitamin B Complex to help unlock energy from food, Vitamin C to help maintain a healthy immune system, Magnesium to help maintain normal function of the muscles and nervous system, Vitamin D and Calcium + Vitamin D to help maintain healthy bones and teeth, and a Multivitamin to help maintain general wellbeing.

Since its launch three years ago, VÖOST has bubbled in over 35 million glasses of water in its native Australia. Providing essential vitamins and minerals to help maintain good health and wellbeing, the delicious effervescent tablets are easy to take as they dissolve in water.

Thomas continues, “VÖOST is specially formulated to help provide people with the vitamins needed to help maintain healthy bodily function. Ideal for adrenaline junkies who like nothing better than escaping on an adventure when the weather reaches its peak, as well as those looking to find their fizz and enjoy the sunshine, the effervescent vitamins get to work straight away.”

The VOOST vision is to offer our consumers the full A to Z range of effervescent solutions. Though currently stocking six varieties of carefully formulated vitamins, over the next two years the range is set to increase to over 20 different vitamins, minerals and herbal effervescent products.

For those who want to #FindYourFizz, VÖOST is available now at Asda, Waitrose and Superdrug.

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At VÖOST we love all things effervescent. We’re about providing our customers with specifically formulated vitamins and minerals that suit the Australian Lifestyle, all year round. We also understand customers’ needs vary through summer, autumn, winter, and spring, which is why we wanted to develop a complete A to Z range of effervescent vitamins and minerals.  



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