Watt Amp Unveils OneCase

The world 1stMulti-functional iPhone® case with THX AAA™ Amplifier.

What is OneCase?

OneCase is the world 1st game changing multi-functional iPhone® case with THX AAA™ Amplifier. Designed for user’s day-to-day life and from the ground up in light of user experience, design and functionality.

It brings back the 3.5mm audio jack to iPhone 7 with assured premium audio quality. It also has a memory extension feature (supported by SDXC card), extended power, dynamic detachable lens, a kickstand (which let your phone stand) and a hidden compartment for secure SIM and SD storage, making it Watt Amp’s most functional and high-tech case yet.  

THX AAA™ Amplifier Technology

As a proud official partner of THX® , OneCase was created with THX AAA™ Amplifier Technology, which gives you maximum performance with the brand new THX AAA-28 Amplifier. Designed by THX®, a leader in the audio industry, THX AAA™ Technology delivers the most accurate and powerful performance of any amplification technology available, revealing every detail of even the most dynamic high resolution content.

With this technology, OneCase audio quality can hit 32bit 384kHz DAC. (The DAC is one of the best solution in the industry from Asahi Kasei Microdevices), delivers crystal clear audio to our users.

Bringing back 3.5mm audio Jack

Designed in repose to the iPhone 7’s missing 3.5mm audio jack, the case restores this key functionality for anyone who wants to pair their cell with premium ear buds or headphones.

The jack has a clever automatic mic switch detection which surpasses most effortlessly surpasses most USB-based DAC and audio amplifiers and makes it easy to hand off between calls, music and watching video. It also come with an iOS application provides audio equalizer function for you to adjust your audio preference.  

Extended Power

OneCase doesn’t just make it easy to swipe between voice and audio. It’s equipped with an internal battery to provide an extra kick of power (1100 mAh for 4.7 inch iPhone®, 1,500 mAh for 5.5 inch iPhone®+), perfect for long days and big nights.

With Lithium ion battery safety concerns at the forefront, OneCase uses the best in class, industry proven battery management system from Texas Instruments to carefully handle battery performance on the go, in the pocket and around town.

Memory Extension

There’s an extra micro SD card slot supporting up to 256GB of memory, all powered by superior SDXC format. You can swap as many cards as you want to extend your iPhone’s storage capacity. You can also backup your music, video and photos with OneCase iOS application – with a single touch and all your files are secured into the SDXC card.

Handy Features

And for those looking for an Insta worthy case, the OneCase sports a snap on wide angle lens. Made with high quality optical glass. Perfect for those moments demanding a close up shot or group photo, it snaps on in an instant. Easily detachable and cleanable, the wide angle lens is FREE for Indiegogo backers and will be available to purchase separately as an optional accessory after launch.

“The OneCase is the next generation of smart case for iPhone. It takes performance to the next level with class leading functionality, premium aesthetics and ultimate performance. “Says Edward Ku, the former head of electrical engineering in Logitech Audio and OneCase project lead. “OneCase work for all the newest iPhone including iPhone 6/6s/6+/6s+ & iPhone7/7+, please support us in indiegogo to bring OneCase live!” 

Find out more about The OneCase Indiegogo here : https:/igg.me/at/WattAmp-OneCase

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