WeWOOD Cotton Eyewear Launches Debut Range Of Sustainable Shades

Eyewear gets an eco-friendly conscience this week as WeWOOD unveils its on-trend range of cotton sunglasses. Stylish, sustainable and seriously unique, the shades are planting new roots in the forest of eco-friendly fashion.

Created by the brand behind the wildly popular eco-friendly wooden watches range, WeWOOD cotton eyewear is the perfect addition to the company’s existing line of eco-luxury accessories. With their lightweight build, natural aesthetics, flattering designs and high quality feel, the sunglasses are a must have accessory for anyone with their finger on the pulse of organic style.

Matt Cromie, UK Director of WeWood said, “We’ve had a hugely positive reception to our eco-friendly wooden watches which has inspired us to continue to create innovative new products out of natural materials. The result of our efforts is the fantastic new range of cotton eyewear that marries environmental sustainability with up-to-the-minute street style.”     

Each cotton fibre frame is handcrafted with care to ensure the upmost of precision. The use of natural cotton fibres means each set of shades has a minimal impact on the environment, with zero fossil fuels used in the production of the sunglasses. To enhance durability each pair is strengthened with natural cellulose which puts them well on par with their plastic counterparts.

Adding to the brand’s eco-friendly credentials is its commitment to planting a new tree for every glasses sale. This is part of its dedication to actively restoring the Earth's resources and hitting its goal of one million new seedlings by 2020. A team of passionate eco warriors using their products to help tree huggers save the planet, it’s as simple as that!

“We’re self-confessed eagle freaks and we’re doing everything we can to help make the world a healthier, more sustainable place. This includes creating eco-friendly sunglasses, as well as planting a new tree for every pair of WeWOOD shades we peddle,” adds Cromie. 

Wearers can choose from a collection of on-trend models developed by the in-house team of WeWood designers - The Crater, The Crux, The Lyra or the Xipe. A myriad of different design features is also used to make each model utterly unique. From metal finishing, frame type, lens filter, lens colour and even a polarised option, WeWood doesn’t scrimp on attention to detail. 

Every pair of WeWOOD sunglasses comes with a gift box, protection sleeve, adjustment tool and lens cleaning cloth. All glasses are adjustable to fit any face size and shape which makes them ideal for ladies and gents alike. Whether purchased as a personal accessory or a unique present, WeWood cotton eyewear is guaranteed to delight.

Prices for
WeWood cotton eyewear range from £70-£89.

To find out more about WeWOOD and browse the all-new range of eco-friendly cotton eyewear, visit the website at: http://www.we-wood.co.uk/

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Emerging out of Italy as a sophisticated, luxurious and durable watch range, we-wood.co.uk brings you an exclusive range of watches with an all-natural feel and great look. The WeWood brand is committed to the health of our planet and is loved by many eco warriors the world over. The WeWood watch range is completely free of artificial or toxic materials and is 100% natural.

The philosophy of WeWood is a very simple one as every time one timepiece is sold a tree is planted. Wearers can feel confident that they have made a difference and in generations to come their tree will be bursting with life and providing oxygen to their children’s children.