What is Synthetic Hair Made From?

Synthetic hair, with its ability to be produced in any colour, length and style, is one of the best ways to get a head of long locks without resulting to wearing another human’s hair. But what is synthetic hair made from? Here, FAME Hair Extensions reveals the different materials used to create beautiful synthetic hair, and their various advantages over human, or ‘remy’ hair.

Polypropylene fibre, generally referred to in the industry as ‘PP Fibre’, is one of the earliest materials used to create synthetic hair extensions. When the packaging of hair extensions says ‘100% Synthetic’, it usually means that the contents are made from PP Fibre. This type of fibre, however, is currently being phased out because it is not fire retardant.

Toyokalon Fibre features particularly in the dramatic curly and wavy styles that can rarely be achieved with human hair. It is flame retardant and quite natural looking, and can hold and maintain the curls and waves which it is sold with. This fibre is also less likely to tangle, meaning less time spent addressing tangled hair and more time making the most of its glamorous effects.

There is also Kanekalon Fibre, known mostly as KK Fibre. It is currently the most commonly used material in the creation of synthetic hair extensions, and has a number of advantages. Varying degrees of heat can style and seal this hair, and it can looks and behaves exactly like human hair, despite it being entirely synthetic and ethical. 

Then there is the new material on the black; High Temperature Fibre, often known simply as HT Fibre. This hair also behaves a lot like human hair, and can be curled with curling irons, straightened with ceramic straighteners, and exposed to the heat that many people use to style their hair every day.

All of these materials will be properly labelled in any good hair extension shop, so if searching for hair extensions of a certain type for a certain purpose, they should be easy enough to come across. The fact that they are synthetic also means that they will always act like synthetic hair; it is easy to change the qualities of human hair forever by not looking after it or by exposing it to too much heat, but with synthetic strands, they will remain the same high standard no matter how they are treated, providing a great solution for girls on-the-go, who maybe don’t have time to carefully style their hair without heat or products.  

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