What the housing crisis in the Capital means for outdoor spaces

The fact that London is facing a housing crisis is no secret. As more and more people flock to the Capital for work, London’s housing market is experiencing a strain never seen before. As more flats are being built to meet the demand, The Outdoor look is urging those purchasing flats not to forget about the importance of greenery for health and well-being.

Due to the lack of available building space, London flats make up just over half of the city’s accommodation; this compares to just 20% in the rest of the country. City flats are notorious for not providing much – if any – outdoor space, and according to research, this lack of outside space can seriously affect people’s health and happiness. Experts suggest that the health benefits of being surrounded by greenery can help people recover quicker after an illness or accident and assist in creativity. There has also been a strong link between vegetation and lower crime rates.

Brett Lockwood of The Outdoor Look says, “With more and more people – particularly in inner cities – having less outside space, the impacts of not being exposed to greenery could be disastrous. There’s been many studies suggesting that plants make people feel happier and calmer, as well as assisting in people of all ages’ recovery. By adding a bit of greenery into their homes, it helps people bring the outdoors in and allows them to feel less confined to an inside space. Artificial vegetation is ideal for those living in flats and apartments and those with busy lifestyles. Requiring no upkeep or sunlight, artificial greenery is the perfect alternative for those looking for low-maintenance additions to their home.”

If the current housing market trend continues, by 2040 it is suggested that only young financial sector employees would be able to rent an inner London studio flat without coming under tremendous housing pressure. The Outdoor Look are experts in creating low maintenance, yet inspiring, green spaces. Suppliers of top quality artificial grass, plants, trees, ‘living walls’, and much more, The Outdoor Look can help people create a unique living space. Requiring minimal up-keep, artificial greenery is fast-becoming the go-to choice for those with limited outside space. Ideal for adding personality to balconies with artificial grass and for bringing the outside in, artificial plants are the ideal solution for creating a truly inspiring living space.

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