WHI Safeguard Improves Health and Safety with Pioneering Products

One of the UK’s leading LED safety light suppliers is on a mission to slash on-site incidents with a range of pioneering products designed to drastically improve the H&S credentials of any construction site. The WHI Safeguard group is underpinned by a dedication to providing customers with superior visibility, intelligent design, retrofit technology and exceptional longevity.

While the number of on-site accidents and injuries has significantly lessened over the past 20 years the latest statistics from the Health and Safety Executive indicate that the construction industry is still an extremely at-risk sector. Construction workers represent just 5% of Britain’s total workforce yet account for 31% of fatalities and 10% of minor injuries. These are startlingly high levels which indicate the ever present need for site managers to adopt safety enhancing products and practices wherever possible. WHI Safeguard is helping contractors do just this with its pioneering range of LED lights engineered to improve employee safety and help managers meet both legislative and ethical duties of care.

Steve Hooper, Director of WHI Safeguard said, “Despite the best efforts of industry watchdogs the injury and fatality rates for construction workers remain alarmingly high. Inadequate illumination is one the primary causes of concern which is why we’re encouraging all site managers to invest in LED lighting solutions designed to enhance on-site safety, meet compliance regulations and cut operational costs.” 

For those in the business of temporary structures and supports the purpose built Scaffolding and Barrier model is an on-site essential. The product’s robust polycarbonate build makes it suitable for use in even the heaviest of industrial applications. A 360 degree polycarbonate amber lens fosters maximum visibility while an impermeable seal protects internal mechanisms from dust and water. An integrated photocell automatically triggers the light in darkness which ensures that site safety isn’t dependant on manual activation. The energy efficient product runs off just two AA standard batteries which provide approximately six months of illumination.  

The Scaffolding Bulkhead is another of WHI Safeguard’s best-selling safety solutions. Thanks to its intelligent design the Scaffolding Bulkhead can be seamlessly retrofit to existing equipment. This saves site managers the time and financial outlay of investing in additional equipment or a specialised fitting service. Customers can choose from a red or translucent lens and enjoy an impressive 4000 hours of use on just two AA standard batteries.

Every WHI Safeguard product is designed and developed in the UK. An unwavering focus on robust build, intuitive functionality and energy efficiency ensures that customers enjoy the latest advanced LED safety lighting solutions. All safety lights also use low power LED technology which helps sites to reduce carbon footprints, save cash and maintain superior visibility at all times.

To find out more about WHI Safeguard and browse the range of intelligent LED safety lighting solutions, visit: www.whisafeguard.com

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About WHI Safeguard: Catering to the construction industry, WHI Safeguard retails a premium range of innovative LED safety lights. All products are designed and developed in the UK to ensure the highest standard of quality. The intelligent design means the products retrofit to existing equipment which saves customers time and money.