Which Are The Most Popular Online Games?

In their 2013 evaluation of the online gaming industry, the ESA (Entertainment Software Association) recently discovered the types of games which are played most often within the USA. In ‘The 2013 Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry’, the ESA revealed that puzzles, board games, game show, trivia and online card games were the most popular types of game, with around 34% of respondents saying that they are the types of online games they play most often.

Action, sports, role-playing and strategy games came in second place with just over one quarter of the survey results, while casual, social games garnered 19%.  Persistent multiplayer universe games were also popular and amassed 14%, whilst the remaining 8% was dedicated to other gaming pursuits.

Nikolai Veselov, of MyRealGames.com, one of the US’ most popular online gaming websites, says, “The statistics found by the ESA show what we at MyRealGames.com have known for a while; the most popular games are the simplest. Basic puzzles and board games can cater to a range of different demographics and their difficulty levels can be easily altered to create fun games which are suitable for any age and ability. Card games are similar in their universal attraction, and trivia games are a great way to pass a lunch break at work or to relax on a Saturday afternoon. Our site has access to all of these types of games, providing gamers the chance to enjoy their favorite types of game at will.”

Puzzle games like Space Bubbles are some of the most enduringly popular games on the internet. The bubble-popping extravaganza follows on from a format made famous during the 80s and has remained a game which lures in thousands of players every day. The free download game features over 200 exciting levels and 3 different worlds, offering almost unlimited gameplay for those who love the point-and-shoot bubble-pop games that often defined their childhoods.

Color Cubes is also a spin on a traditional puzzle game which players can enjoy for hours, flexing their mental muscle in a bid to progress to the next level. The 3D levels are complemented with great graphics and tricky puzzles to solve, keeping players coming back again and again.

Card games like Speed Solitaire also have enduring popularity, presumably because they can be played both in real life and online. Solitaire is a universal favorite simply because of its easy-to-understand rules and the one-player set-up that allows endless fun even when playing alone. It is a great way to pass the time and to hone Solitaire skills that will impress friends outside of the online sphere.

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