WhiteWaterNow Offers Phoenix a Healthy Alternative To Tap Water

A family run US company is keeping Phoenix refreshed with its local water delivery service to homes and businesses across the Arizonian capital. WhiteWaterNow carries a huge range of three and five gallon water bottles, water coolers and RO water filters to suit a variety of domestic and office needs. Clean, healthy and cost efficient, the convenient delivery service is a clever choice for local residents wanting to ensure they consume fresh water on a daily basis.

Water quality is a nationwide issue, with recent data from the CDC reporting that over the course of a year, US water contamination contributed to 1,040 cases of serious illness, 85 hospitalizations, and nine deaths. Due to its desert landscape, Arizona is one of the most at risk states, its 1.5 million residents forced to rely on government controlled systems to deliver water from municipal surface sources in addition to wells and aquifers. While it has been cleared by health authorities, there are still several concerns regarding the purity of tap draw H2O.

Chris White, Owner of WhiteWaterNow said, “As a family run business, we’re 100% committed to offering our customers the purest possible water at highly competitive prices. Water purity is a long running issue in Phoenix and while the unpleasant taste and odor of tap water are undeniably present, many people don’t realize that there are a number of health concerns that go hand-in-hand with these characteristics. Our water delivery service offers Phoenix residents a budget friendly solution to staying healthy and hydrated without breaking the bank.”

Chlorine ingestion is one of the main issues, as the city is legally required to disinfect its water with the chemical before it enters the public system. While chlorine content is tested and controlled, it leaves the water with a distinctive odor and metallic taste which can cause illness and nausea. Water hardness poses another major health risk, the city’s aquifer groundwater system resulting in tap water that contains traces of metals such as lead, copper, arsenic and trihalomethanes. While the citywide water does meet regulatory standards, even small traces of these sorts of toxins can result in kidney damage, blood conditions and even cancer growth. Algae bloom is also a concern, resulting in an unpleasant taste, particularly during the summer months. 

WhiteWaterNow is helping locals to combat these concerns with its cost effective water delivery service to homes and offices across the state. With no fixed contracts and month-to-month payment plans, WhiteWaterNow customers enjoy complete control and flexibility over their fresh water supply. Other great perks include no bottle deposits, no hidden fees and 100% free delivery. Customers love the crisp, clean taste of the water, offering glowing feedback when it comes to customer care and product quality.

Marla H, satisfied WhiteWaterNow customer said, “My experience with White Water has been excellent and I am highly satisfied with the quality customer care they have provided me with. They are prompt and polite upon arrival, courteous and professional in their demeanor and overall I can't say enough about how happy I have been as a customer of theirs… Going forward I will absolutely continue to use White Water and recommend them highly to anybody in the Phoenix area looking for a quality and dependable bottled water service with timely results. These folks do a great job and you will not be disappointed with the results!”

From Gilbert to Glendale, WhiteWaterNow offers home and office delivery to Phoenix and beyond.  Bottled water delivery price plans start at just $21.99, making fresh water an affordable reality for all homes and businesses; pure water delivery in Phoenix has never been easier.

To find out more about WhiteWaterNow and place an order for pure, fresh water for the home or office, visit the website at: www.whitewaternow.com or call 602-663-9420. 

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About White Water Now: Established in 2002, White Water Now is a family owned and operated business providing a comprehensive water delivery Phoenix service. From domestic homes to commercial offices, the company ensures that Phoenix residents can enjoy clean, healthy water at a highly competitive price.