Who doesn’t love a mystery at Halloween? Let MyRealGames lay down the clues

Who doesn’t love a mystery at Halloween? Let MyRealGames lay down the clues

There is something intriguing about a mystery. Whether it is in a novel, a play or a television show this genre of entertainment can entice an audience in to tantalizing levels. And as October looms and the spooky season commences, the bumper ‘hidden object’ category at My Real Games provides a perfect starting point for all wannabe detectives, with tormenting titles based around shadowy storylines.

A free to play website, MyRealGames is a global gaming platform to be enjoyed by the whole family. And while it may host some haunting tiles just in time for Halloween, there are no scary joining fees, adverts or in-app purchases to spook its players away. Whether its witches, murders or Celtic fantasy scenes that excite, the suitable title can be found online at the premier gaming community.

Nikolai Veselov from MyRealGames.com said, “There are some people that love mysterious tales all year round, but this interest in exploring the unknown is certainly accelerated when Halloween comes along. Rather than simply watching a film or seeing a show, playing a clue busting game can provide a new level of interaction, allowing the audience to solve the puzzle themselves rather than simply being an onlooker.”

For a downtown take on a ghastly scene, Deadtime Stories transports players to the kind of world that no-one wants to enter before bedtime. After receiving an exclusive invite to Edward Blackgate’s cemetery,   players learn of its mesmerizing residents such as Jessie Bodeen, a voodoo priestess who was called upon by socialite Delphine LaLaurine, to use her powers for a dastardly deed. This hidden object games takes the player on a whirlwind journey across 26 peculiar locations as they unveil the true secrets of her tragic tale.

Nikolai Veselov continued, “While some titles on my website are more obvious in their spooky credentials, there are many others that may surprise players with the mystery that lurks within once they being to play.”

Once of these unsuspecting titles is Sister’s Secrecy: Arcanum Bloodlines, another hidden object game with equally as enigmatic undertones. Abandoned when youngsters, Ariel and Belle are now presented with their past, exploring their long lost family whom they never met. This tale is placed amongst an ominous moonlit setting as the main characters, once more, unearth deeply buried secrets as the game progresses.

MyRealGames hosts a huge selection of genres offering Kids, Time Management, Car, Arcade titles and more alongside its scarier category. Browse the full range of free to play games online at http://www.myrealgames.com/


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