‘Who Shall I Vote For?’ is Brand New Political Quiz Pointing Voters Towards the Ballots

As the highly-anticipated General Election draws ever closer, a fascinating quiz has launched which could help those still undecided choose which party they’ll give their vote to as well as those who want to reaffirm their affiliation to their favoured party. ‘Who Shall I Vote For?’ is a newly-launched website that can help users choose which political party fits their personal beliefs, by gauging their thoughts on matters of welfare, immigration, health, education and the economy.

The ‘Who Shall I Vote For?’ quiz could be incredibly useful for large swathes of the British public, who are still unsure where their allegiances lie – and with just sixty days to go, time is running out to make the decision. Recent statistics from a Sunday Mirror survey show that as many as 36% of us could still change our minds as to where our vote will be cast – meaning that, for many of the main party contenders, it’s still all to play for.

The quiz asks users to choose the issues that matter the most to them – whether it’s health, immigration, welfare or Europe. Then the user is asked specific questions about certain policies under those umbrellas such as benefits caps, EU membership and fracking. Users can also rank each issue by their importance, from ‘not important’ to ‘very important’.

Using sophisticated algorithms, the quiz then matches up the policies to the parties, aligning any individual with the party that would best represent their personal interests.

The site was conceived, designed and produced by co-founders and brothers-in-law Chris Haycock and Mark Stevens. Chris Haycock said, “Party manifestos can be long-winded, difficult to read and contain terminology that is unfamiliar to the layman. It's almost impossible to sift through all the noise created by an impending election. We wanted to break down the facts and present them in an interactive and insightful quiz-based format that enables quiz users to find the right party to vote for without being subjected to spin or reputation."

He added, "When voters head to the ballot box on the 7th May we want them to be confident in the knowledge that they know who they are voting for, and what their chosen party represents. Some constituencies saw a turnout of less than 50% in the last general election. When voters have more knowledge, they are more inclined to vote."

The quiz is totally non-biased and non-partisan, created only to match voters beliefs with the relevant parties. At the end of the quiz, users can view a breakdown of their answers and see which parties back certain policies. All parties with at least one Westminster MP have been included, and a wealth of research has gone into the quiz to ensure it is as accurate as possible. The site itself is loaded with information about each party and their policies, helping people to learn more about each one and differentiate them from the others.

‘Who Shall I Vote For?’ also has a fantastic social element that gives users a unique insight into the general feeling of their fellow constituents. Users can type in their postcodes to see which party is currently leading the way in their area, and they can also share their results on many social networks and urge their friends, family and followers to take the quiz for themselves.

The site, having conducted a ‘soft launch’, has seen almost 2,000 people take the quiz in just six days, indicating that there’s a real demand for a quiz of this calibre for people who are still undecided as to where their vote will be cast. The goal for the team behind the quiz is to reach 2m views before the May 7th election, and to help as many people as possible figure out which party will represent them best.

To find out more about ‘Who Shall I Vote For?’ or to take the quiz itself, visit the website: http://www.whoshallivotefor.com/

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